An idea just dawned on me for my dinosaur book. Because the DNA of the animals in the story has been completely altered and rewritten, the possibility exists that the pace of their genetic evolution will be affected. I got the idea from the 2001 film Evolution, which depicted alien life forms that evolved at an accelerated rate. In Evolution, the aliens were capable of undergoing 200 million years of evolution in a matter of hours. With my dinosaur book, the reverse engineered organisms’ altered evolution will be much slower yet still faster than natural evolution. In fact, there will be signs that the retro-engineered creatures will be developing their own subspecies, which normally requires one million years of evolution to accomplish. If they can start developing their own subspecies in a few years, what else will they accomplish in a century or millennium or a million years. This goes to show that when you meddle in an animal’s genes, it can result in all kinds of unpredictable and potentially dangerous mutations.

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