For decades, there has been an intriguing theory about how some dinosaurs might have evolved if they did not become extinct. Dinosaurs ruled the Earth unopposed for over one hundred and fifty million years. In some documentaries I recently watched, I discovered that right before their extinction dinosaurs were at the zenith of their power. If it was not for the asteroid that crashed into the Earth, the dinosaurs would have ruled the Earth for another one hundred and fifty million years. In that time, dinosaurs would have continued to evolve in ways we can’t imagine.

One possible way dinosaurs could have evolved would be as their own version of sentient life forms. In particular, scientists believed that the most intelligent dinosaurs such as raptors or Troodons might have evolved into humanoid-like beings. Due to the fact that raptors and Troodons had the largest brains of any dinosaur, scientists theorized that their brains would have grown to a similar level to modern humans if they were allowed to evolve. Another aspect that created this theory is the fact that Troodons have a third finger that is partially opposable, but not to the degree of primates.

I am thinking of doing my own version of the dinosauroid theory in a sequel to my dinosaur book. Now that dinosaurs were reverse engineered through the main story’s experiment, they have a second chance to evolve. To make matters more extreme, the genetic evolution of these creatures have been completely altered, resulting in the development of countless unpredictable changes. The sequel will take place five million years in the future. It took humans five million years of evolution to turn from monkeys to the dominant species on the planet. Imagine how these reverse engineered dinosaurs would evolve in that time.

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