Some people believe that the teeth of carnivorous dinosaurs were the same in design, but that is not true. Carnosaurs such as Allosaurus had blade-shaped teeth designed to slice through flesh. However, Carnosaur teeth were fragile when it came to biting into bone. Also, a Carnosaur’s jaw strength was relatively weak. This means Carnosaurs would use their teeth to not only slice through their prey’s flesh, but make their prey bleed to death. In contrast, Tyrannosaur teeth were thicker and less blade-shaped. Due to their thickness, Tyrannosaur teeth were like railroad spikes and were designed to crush the bones of their prey. Tyrannosaurs also had increased jaw strength, which also allows their thick fangs to puncture through a prey item’s hide. In my dinosaur book, I will be featuring a new kind of theropod that has teeth that are sharp enough to slice through flesh yet sturdy enough to crush bone.

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