One of my favorite living fossils would be the alligator gar. The alligator gar are regarded as living fossils because they have physical traits that have remained unchanged since the time of the dinosaurs. Like sharks, alligator gar have a spiral valve intestine in their digestive system. Like many modern prehistoric fish, alligator gar have the ability to breathe both water and air. Native Americans have been known to use the gar’s sharp scales as arrowheads. Unfortunately, for half a century, alligator gar were regarded as pests by the government and were hunted to near extinction. This makes me sad and mad at the same time because due to their status as a living fossil, alligator gar are as irreplaceable as any historical artifact. Since their near extermination, alligator gar have made a comeback and are no longer part of the endangered species list. Even though alligator gar can bite humans, they are not dangerous enough to kill a person. Alligator gar tend to eat small prey such as little fish, water fowl, and rodents. Even though alligator gar are already prehistoric in appearance, I wonder how they would look if they were reverse engineered to look like something larger, stronger, and dangerous. I will be tinkering with this concept in my dinosaur book.


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