We have all seen stories that have power hungry villains. I am particularly fond of villains who seem to be driven by something other than their own ambitions to acquire power. What if something in the subconscious part of their minds are compelling them to accumulate power simply because it is something that is akin to instinct? I can already think of two characters who have this subconscious hunger for power.

One would be Sylar from the show Heroes. Sylar’s original superhuman power was called intuitive aptitude, which gave him the ability to instinctually understand the inner workings of whatever object he touched. However, it was a power that came with a price. It infected Sylar’s mind with a hunger to understand how the powers of other superhumans operated. That was what compelled him to kill other superhumans, examine their brains, and copy their powers for himself.

Another example would be the new and improved Tomura Shigaraki and All For One from My Hero Academia. After being given the All For One quirk, Shigaraki was plagued by an intense desire to acquire the One For All quirk. All For One himself stated that he has an intense desire to steal a superhuman power that interests him. This instinctual desire seems to operate in a similar fashion to Sylar’s intuitive aptitude.

The main supervillain of my new superhero series will have a similar mindset. For now, he is currently undergoing his own origin story and will complete it in the next volume. The character in question was already a man who has committed every sin imaginable. When he gets a taste of real power and becomes possessed by this power hungry instinct, he will become even worse.

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