I have seen my fair share of nature documentaries that depict how some predators hunt prey at night. Most famously would be how bats use echolocation to locate prey in complete darkness. I have also seen nature documentaries that film through the use of night vision, which looks creepy as heck. Then I wondered how scary it would be to depict my characters being hunted by a nocturnal carnivorous dinosaur that could blend in with the darkness, using both echolocation and night vision to track their victims. When it comes to echolocation, you would not be able to hear the predators’ movements, but you would hear the faint sounds they would use to locate you. When it comes to night vision, you would not be able to see your enemy in the pitch black even when they are right in your face, but they can see you clear as day and can sneak up to you without even knowing. If you’re not afraid of the dark, these dinosaurs will give you plenty of reasons to fear it.

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