I have developed a fascination for Anglo-Saxon politics especially when it comes to the monarchy. Unlike most monarchies, the throne is not given through inheritance but rewarded through elections. A collection of ealdorman, or Anglo-Saxon nobles, would gather and elect one of their own as king. This practice has been in place until William the Conqueror overthrew the Anglo-Saxon hold on the throne of England in 1066. In my third fantasy book, two kingdoms will lose their royal families. As a result, all the barons and landed knights of each kingdom will hold elections to decide which noble house will be their new rulers. However, despite the elections, claimants from the neighboring kingdoms will try to seize the opportunity given by these two empty thrones. This will be one of the sparks that start another civil war across the Gradaian Empire.


I am halfway through the sixteenth chapter of my new superhero book. In this chapter, the reader will see events unfolding from the main characters’ point of view. The protagonist alters his goals when faced with the following question: “What’s next? You achieved your initial goal. Now what?” This is the first scene in which the characters become increasingly more political. We also get to see some backstories from some of the supporting characters. I should also note that I based some of the characters after some of my beloved cousins. I am on a roll now that finals are over and summer vacation has begun.



This post contains potential spoilers from chapter 270 of My Hero Academia. You have been warned.

I just received a scary rumor about what will happen to Tomura Shigaraki. It looks like he will awaken in the next chapter and we will get to see what kind of power Doctor Ujiko gave him. It looks like Shigaraki gained the power known as All For One, which would allow him to steal the powers of other superhumans and make them his own. I don’t know if it is the actual All For One or some variant, but it makes sense.

Because Tomura Shigaraki is the successor of the supervillain known as All For One, it would make sense that he would inherit his master’s power. The power of All For One could serve as the symbolic crown of the supervillain All For One. Because All For One the supervillain’s time is pretty much over, this is the perfect way for him to complete the investment he made in Shigaraki and allow Shigaraki to carry on his legacy.

This also makes sense regarding Ujiko’s surgery. The reason for this is because Ujiko acknowledged All For One’s weaknesses despite his apparent power. Even though the power of All For One can allow the user to absorb and wield multiple powers, there is clearly a limit to how much power the user’s body can take before it breaks down. That was one of the reasons All For One the supervillain did not have as many powers after All Might weakened him. In order to overcome this limitation, Ujiko needed to greatly augment Shigaraki’s body to the point in which he could withstand more powers than All For One ever did in his prime.

As of this moment, there are dozens if not hundreds of superheroes in Ujiko’s lab, which is a promising collection of powers Shigaraki can snatch. Once Shigaraki wakes up, all of those superheroes will be sacrificial lambs to the slaughter. By the time Shigaraki is done with all those superheroes in the lab, he will be an overpowered monster. Imagine if Shigaraki acquires Aizawa’s power negation, Endeavor’s fire manipulation, Present Mic’s sonic scream, Crust’s shield generation, Gran Torino’s flight, Rock Lock’s paralysis inducement, Thirteen’s gravitational manipulation, Tiger’s elasticity, Mandalay’s telepathy, Mirko’s speed and senses, Ectoplasm’s duplication, Snipe’s enhanced marksmanship, Pixie-Bob’s earth manipulation, Ryukyu’s dragon mimicry, and Wash’s water manipulation. Essentially, if Shigaraki gains the power of All For One, then he will essentially be using the powers of all the superheroes and teachers against Izuku Midoriya and his classmates.

The problem the superheroes face with Shigaraki is the fact that they currently underestimate him. As far as they are concerned, Shigaraki is still the small-time thug and man child the superheroes know him as when they first met him. They don’t even know how much he has evolved both spiritually and in regards to his powers. They don’t know he can disintegrate an entire city with a single touch. Only Mirko knows what Shigaraki has become and what kind of threat he presents to society. The superheroes will be in for a very nasty surprise when Shigaraki wakes up.