I have decided to include another point of view to my new superhero book. When a superhero does extraordinary things, it should be expected that there would be copycats. Due to this, I will be including a trio of high school students who are inspired by the main character’s exploits. In a world full of despair and oppression, impressionable teenagers will likely search for a role model to give them hope. In a world without superheroes, these three will become the foundations and archetypes of a superhero army.

IT . . . IS . . . ALIVE!!!

The following post contains spoilers from chapter 270 of My Hero Academia. You have been warned.

The moment we have been waiting for has finally happened. Tomura Shigaraki is finally awake! Before waking up, we got to take a look inside of Shigaraki’s head, which looked like a hellscape full of rotting hands. He was also confronted by apparitions of his family, including Nana Shimura. As he brushed the spirits of his family away, Shigaraki entered a darkness that took the form of All For One. This was similar to how Izuku Midoriya was visited and guided by the previous users of One For All in his subconscious. Since All For One created One For All, it would make sense that they would have this spiritual similarity.

Meanwhile, outside of Shigaraki’s mind, one of the electrical wires of his destroyed capsule shorted and cracked. This sent an electrical current through the puddle Shigaraki was laying in. Doctor Ujiko did say that all it would take to wake Shigaraki up would be an electrical shock. This is similar to how Frankenstein’s monster was given life.

This is the worst case scenario for the superheroes. Up until now, the battle against the Paranormal Liberation Front has been going to superheroes’ way. However, now that Shigaraki is wide awake and stronger than ever, the tide of the battle is about to turn in the supervillains’ favor. Even Izuku Midoriya sensed that something indescribably terrible was about to happen.

The one-sided massacre I have been waiting for is about to begin in the next chapter. We will finally see just how much more powerful Shigaraki has become. We have been receiving foreshadowing for months about how much stronger Shigaraki would become. The wait is almost over. This chapter has been the best birthday present My Hero Academia creator, Kohei Horikoshi, could have given me.



In the aftermath of the English Civil War, 59 commissioners signed a death warrant for the execution of King Charles I. At first, this death warrant was considered a legal and legitimate document for the new Parliamentarian regime. However, when the monarchy was restored and King Charles II was crowned, this document became a signed confession to regicide and high treason. Shortly after he was crowned, Charles II and his loyalists hunted down everyone who was involved in the murder of Charles I. Most were rounded up to be executed while a handful fled into permanent exile in the American Colonies. Even the commissioners who were already dead were not spared. One prominent example was Oliver Cromwell, the mastermind of Charles I’s execution. When he died, Cromwell was given a funeral fit for a king, but when the monarchy was restored, his body was exhumed, hung from chains, and posthumously executed. Cromwell’s head was mounted on a spike just outside of London as a warning to anyone else who dared defy the monarchy again. In addition, the traitors and their families were stripped of all wealth, titles, and lands through bills of attainder.


It may be too soon to say, but I believe I have acquired enough medieval inspiration for my fantasy books for a while. For my third fantasy book, I will be drawing inspiration from the English Civil War of the 17th century, which saw the English monarchy going to war against Parliament. The war started due to unpopular taxes to fund wars with Scotland and Ireland, land from the Commonwealth being seized by noble landowners, and Puritans clashed with Catholics. At the end of the war, Parliament won and King Charles I was subsequently executed. However, Charles’s death turned him into a martyr, resulting in the royalists regaining control of the government and establishing Charles II as King of England. For my third fantasy book, I will depict an attempt to overthrow the imperial monarchy due to unpopular policies. The main character will be forced into exile while his followers wage a years-long war to reclaim the Imperial Throne in his name. In order to write this story, I will need to rewrite my original outline. Also, some of my more extreme story ideas will be discarded and replace them with ideas grounded in realism.


Deku Unleashed

Izuku Midoriya said that the story of My Hero Academia was the story of how he became the world’s greatest superhero. After much analysis, I am starting to believe that claim.

Like Captain America, Izuku Midoriya’s true power is not One For All; it is his heroic, compassionate, and selfless personality. Izuku has demonstrated a powerful heroic drive to save those in need even if it means putting his own life in danger or disobeying his teachers. This drive is also boosted by willpower that is as hard and breakable as solid iron. Because of his willpower, Izuku has been able to work hard, defy the odds in battles, and even alter Sir Nighteye’s visions of the future. His compassion allows him to value the lives of others and has earned him the admiration of people he saved. His selflessness has allowed him to sacrifice his own body if it means either defeating an enemy or saving an innocent. All of these traits have allowed Izuku to earn the trust, respect, and admiration of his classmates. This allows him to serve as a leadership figure much like how Captain America is to the Avengers. Part of being a superhero is winning the hearts of others, which Izuku succeeded in doing with Ochaco Uraraka. Even some supervillains admire Izuku such as Stain and Himiko Toga. This shows that even amongst Izuku’s enemies, there can still be respect. You know you are a great superhero if even your enemies admire you.

When it comes to Izuku’s powers, he will definitely be more powerful than All Might ever was. That is not an exaggeration; it is a fact. Because of the stockpiling nature of One For All, Izuku is inevitably going to be a stronger superhero than All Might was in his prime just as All Might was stronger than any of his predecessors. Izuku was the first person to unlock the dormant powers in One For All, which was something even All Might could not do. This gives Izuku a more diverse and versatile arsenal of abilities to choose from, which will come in handy when facing individuals like All For One or Tomura Shigaraki. It is like fighting fire with fire; one person with multiple powers countering another person with multiple powers. Also, even if Izuku has fewer powers than someone like All For One, his own powers would be explosively augmented after being fused to One For All, which should balance the scales of power. To make his powers even more fascinating, Izuku is a fast learner and can utilize his abilities in creative ways after gaining a decent understanding about them. That would make him unpredictable in a combat situation.

Overall, Izuku definitely has what it takes to become the world’s greatest superhero both in terms of character and in terms of powers. These traits have the potential of winning the love and admiration of the public as well as the fear and respect of supervillains. Izuku still has a long way to go before he can officially become the new Symbol of Peace, but I am confident that he will get there eventually.


One character in my new superhero book will possess multiple powers, but they will have one critical weakness. The mixture of powers is dangerously unstable, which results in serious degeneration to the user. This degeneration will be grotesque to behold as they fight a brutal battle. I have taken inspiration from the anime Akira when Tetsuo’s psychic powers became so great that it warped and deformed his body beyond all possible recognition.


In my new superhero book, I will be featuring a character who survives an assassination attempt. The assassination results in their muscles have faded, their blood is constantly cleaned and replaced, and their organs cannot function on their own. However, despite their fragile health, this character poses a serious threat to those around them. They will be the kind of character who is not physically formidable or brave, but they constantly scheme from the shadows. This character will be a major villain in the story and I will be basing them on a person I despise with complete passion.


One of the themes of my new superhero book is the start of a revolution. In my story’s universe, most of the world is run by a fascist government that strictly regulates superhuman powers. Also, since they first appeared, superhumans were regarded as either living weapons to conscript into military service or freaks of nature to persecute and enslave. That was the status quo that had been in place for over a century. However, my book shows how the world’s first superhero appears and challenges the question of what makes a superhuman. The superhero’s exploits inspire superhumans who have been oppressed all their lives, which results in a movement that defies the government’s anti-superhuman policies. Overall, one of the main themes of my new superhero book is how one person’s actions can bring about the biggest change in a dark world.



I am thinking of including an insane character in my third fantasy book. Mental illness could be caused by personal trauma, a birth defect, a concussion, or something else. In this case, I am thinking of making this character insane due to a brain tumor. This will be intriguing because in medieval times they had no way to treat brain tumors, which will add some authenticity to the story. This brain tumor will result in a regent becoming a crazed murderous tyrant.


What would you do if you were a ruler who can see the future? What would you change? You could see every assassination attempt, every political maneuver at court, every move an enemy army will make on the battlefield, and every personal moment. Imagine being a king with enemies around every corner plotting against you and you can outwit them every time with ease. I am imagining using something similar to Doctor Manhattan’s precognition in my third fantasy book. Prophecies and premonitions are common in the fantasy genre. Some visions of the future are symbolic in nature while others are more direct. Some occur during dreams while others appear while the user is awake. However, to know the future means to be consumed by it. As you stray further into the future, your hold on your humanity would wane and you may not be connected in the here and now while the past completely disappears into dust. Overall, I am going to depict what happens when a normal mortal transforms into a nearly all-seeing being with tremendous power in magic. However, they would only be able to see their own future and not the future of the whole world. To make this even more complicated, what if this power is hereditary? How would you raise children who know your every move? How would the children’s visions affect their mental growth?