I just remembered that there are some animals that have remained unchanged since the time of the dinosaurs. Among these living fossils were various species of fish. Easily the most famous example of these fish would be the coelacanth, which is a living fossil that was thought to be extinct until it was found alive and well off the coast of South Africa a century ago. Another example of prehistoric fish would be the alligator gar, which can be found in the rivers of Texas and certain areas in the southern United States. A third example would be the arapaima, which can be found in South America and are known to crush their prey to death with tongues made of solid bone. A fourth example of these aquatic living fossils would be the sturgeon, which is a remnant of when a time when fish lacked lower jaws. The things that all these fish have in common is that they remained unchanged for over 65 million years and are coated in a layer of bony armor. The bony armor is a remnant of when fish ruled the Earth when terrestrial life just started crawling onto dry land. Even though these fish did not have to evolve in millions of years, I wonder if some of their older genes from before the dinosaurs is still in them waiting to wake up. I will tinker with this idea in my new dinosaur book. Imagine an aquarium full of these fish with their ancient genes activated.

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