Like every kid, I used to have a deeply obsessive fascination with dinosaurs and all prehistoric lifeforms. Before I decided to be an author, my original ambition was to become a paleontologist. I would not just watch dinosaur movies like Jurassic Park and The Land Before Time, but I also binge-watched documentaries such as Walking With Dinosaurs. Everyone I met considered me a living encyclopedia on prehistory. Whenever someone had a question about dinosaurs, I was the guy to ask. However, as I grew older, my interest in dinosaurs started to fade from time to time, but all the knowledge I had accumulated never went away thanks to my sharp autistic memory. Unfortunately, because I abandoned my dinosaur obsession, the knowledge I gained is largely outdated. Even so, the dinosaur fanatic in me never went away. He was just sleeping, waiting to wield the knowledge he hoarded. This is why my new dinosaur book is so important to me on a personal level. I had learned so much about dinosaurs and prehistory from an early age, but I never found a use for that information since I decided not to be a paleontologist. Even if some of the information I learned is outdated, I can still use it as bountiful inspiration for my dinosaur book. It will be a project that will let me reconnect with my inner child. I even came up with names for any new dinosaurs I would have discovered if I became a paleontologist, which I will incorporate into my book.

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