I remember something I heard about Genghis Khan, creator of the Mongol Empire. The Mongol Empire was the largest empire the ancient world had ever seen, stretching as far east as the Pacific and as far west as eastern Europe. It turns out that Khan sired over a thousand children and as a result a large percentage of the world population is a descendant of Genghis Khan. I am thinking of doing something similar with the main character of my third fantasy book. By the end of his reign, he will have 127 legitimate descendants, which include 7 children, 21 grandchildren, 63 great grandchildren, and 36 great great grandchildren. In addition, the main character will also have hundreds more illegitimate descendants. Just as a large portion of the modern world claims descent from Genghis Khan, a large portion of the Gradaian Empire’s population will claim descent from the main character after a few generations. From those descendants, the age of magic will return to the world.

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