IT . . . IS . . . ALIVE!!!

The following post contains spoilers from chapter 270 of My Hero Academia. You have been warned.

The moment we have been waiting for has finally happened. Tomura Shigaraki is finally awake! Before waking up, we got to take a look inside of Shigaraki’s head, which looked like a hellscape full of rotting hands. He was also confronted by apparitions of his family, including Nana Shimura. As he brushed the spirits of his family away, Shigaraki entered a darkness that took the form of All For One. This was similar to how Izuku Midoriya was visited and guided by the previous users of One For All in his subconscious. Since All For One created One For All, it would make sense that they would have this spiritual similarity.

Meanwhile, outside of Shigaraki’s mind, one of the electrical wires of his destroyed capsule shorted and cracked. This sent an electrical current through the puddle Shigaraki was laying in. Doctor Ujiko did say that all it would take to wake Shigaraki up would be an electrical shock. This is similar to how Frankenstein’s monster was given life.

This is the worst case scenario for the superheroes. Up until now, the battle against the Paranormal Liberation Front has been going to superheroes’ way. However, now that Shigaraki is wide awake and stronger than ever, the tide of the battle is about to turn in the supervillains’ favor. Even Izuku Midoriya sensed that something indescribably terrible was about to happen.

The one-sided massacre I have been waiting for is about to begin in the next chapter. We will finally see just how much more powerful Shigaraki has become. We have been receiving foreshadowing for months about how much stronger Shigaraki would become. The wait is almost over. This chapter has been the best birthday present My Hero Academia creator, Kohei Horikoshi, could have given me.

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