What would you do if you were a ruler who can see the future? What would you change? You could see every assassination attempt, every political maneuver at court, every move an enemy army will make on the battlefield, and every personal moment. Imagine being a king with enemies around every corner plotting against you and you can outwit them every time with ease. I am imagining using something similar to Doctor Manhattan’s precognition in my third fantasy book. Prophecies and premonitions are common in the fantasy genre. Some visions of the future are symbolic in nature while others are more direct. Some occur during dreams while others appear while the user is awake. However, to know the future means to be consumed by it. As you stray further into the future, your hold on your humanity would wane and you may not be connected in the here and now while the past completely disappears into dust. Overall, I am going to depict what happens when a normal mortal transforms into a nearly all-seeing being with tremendous power in magic. However, they would only be able to see their own future and not the future of the whole world. To make this even more complicated, what if this power is hereditary? How would you raise children who know your every move? How would the children’s visions affect their mental growth?

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