I have just finished watching all three seasons of the anime known as Overlord. As a fantasy fan, I loved this anime and the dark aspects to it. The main character, Ainz Ooal Gown, was an overpowered badass. As such, it is one of those stories that makes you root for the bad guy. I hear rumors that a fourth season will be coming and I hope those rumors are true. It is one of those anime that makes you want more. I would recommend this anime to anyone who likes video games and dark fantasy.


For years, the fantasy archetype of a Dark Lord has served as the main villain of almost every fantasy story. However, I am thinking of going a different direction by making the so-called “Dark Lord” of my third fantasy book the hero. My main character will only be referred to as a Dark Lord because the magical secrets they uncover and use are beyond what his subjects can understand. It is human nature to fear and hate what they don’t understand. Due to this, my main character will only be labelled a Dark Lord because his subjects fear and hate the magical power he wields. In addition, my main character will start out as a naive idealist who seeks mystical knowledge out of curiosity, but once he sees what he is capable of, he will use his new power to further consolidate his authority while ruthlessly and brutally crushing his enemies. Being a “Dark Lord” will make my main character a morally ambiguous anti-hero instead of a traditional fantasy hero. One could argue I will be making my readers cheer for the so-called “Dark Lord.”



This post is full of spoilers from the most recent chapter of My Hero Academia. You have been warned. In the most recent chapter of the manga, the League of Villains suffered a significant casualty: TWICE! Twice was betrayed and murdered by the superhero known as Hawks. It was because of Hawks’s betrayal that the heroes are launching their massive surprise attacks on both Doctor Ujiko’s laboratory and the Paranormal Liberation Front’s mansion. Hawks targeted Twice not only because Twice was naive and trusting, but also because Twice’s duplication power gave him the potential to conquer the entire country by himself. Not only that, but Twice could have theoretically create legions of High-End Nomu, Gigantomachia, and all the other villains’ heavy hitters. Now, Twice is dead and his duplication power with him . . . or so we think.

I have a theory on the next chapter that involves what will happen in the aftermath of Twice’s death. The heroes may have deprived the villains of one of their strongest assets, but they made TWO serious mistakes. First, the heroes underestimate the sense of camaraderie the villains share, which will result in Twice becoming a martyr to the villains. Second, the heroes know that Himiko Toga is a shapeshifter, but they don’t know her power evolved to the point in which she could copy the powers of those she shapeshifts into.

Due to these factors, if Himiko drinks the blood of Twice’s body, she will not only shapeshifte into him, but she will be able to use his duplication power. That is a super-scary thought because Himiko will be dangerously unpredictable with Twice’s power. Twice would use his duplication power to make copies of his comrades as either decoys or reinforcements, but he would use his full power to constantly make copies of himself to overwhelm his enemies. I think Himiko will be far more creative with Twice’s power than Twice himself ever was. Himiko would not only assume Twice’s likeness and make copies of Twice, but she could create Himiko copies that would drink the blood from heroes in order to transform into them and use their powers against them. That kind of usage alone will be enough to turn the tide of the battle at the mansion in the villains’ favor. As one of the commanders of the Paranormal Liberation Front’s intelligence division, Himiko could also use Twice’s power to make copies of heroes and students to not only gather intelligence, but also sow discord among the hero ranks. These hero clones will likely infiltrate the hero ranks during the chaos of the mansion battle. In addition, I think Himiko is going to use Twice’s duplication power to avenge Twice’s death by helping Dabi overwhelm and kill Hawks, which would be perfect poetic justice.

Overall, Himiko Toga is going to be more dangerous, unpredictable, and creative with Twice’s duplication power than Twice himself ever was. Twice may be gone, but his legacy will live on through Himiko Toga. I hope this theory is right and I look forward to finding out this weekend.


As a devout Star Wars fanboy, I am looking forward to the books and graphic novels that will tell the story of the High Republic Era. Allow me to give you an overview of what I have learned about it so far. The High Republic Era takes place two hundred years before  The Phantom Menace. At this time, quadrants of space such as the Outer Rim have not yet been fully explored or colonized. To aid travelers through hyperspace, a space station known as the Starlight Beacon is constructed. The Jedi are particularly active during this period in history and are expanding their influence across the galaxy. The story of the High Republic begins with an event known as the Great Disaster, which results in every ship in hyperspace being scattered across the galaxy. Presumably while this chaos is happening, the Nihil raiders emerge from the outskirts of space and start plundering the borders of the High Republic. It sounds like an interesting era in Star Wars lore that is worth exploring. I don’t care if some of the books are for younger readers, I will read them all the same. I look forward to when the come out this August.


Thanks to my self-quarantine from the coronavirus, I have A LOT of free time on my hands. I am thinking of spending some of that free time trying some of Godron Ramsay’s recipes. One recipe caught my attention: buttermilk fried chicken. My family recently bought two gallons of buttermilk and we have been trying to find a use for it. We will conduct this experiment this Thursday and see the results. Wish us luck!