Sometimes, the greatest of ancient rulers are given tombs that are fit for gods. Easily the best example of this would be the Valley of the Kings in Egypt, which is the final resting place of the pharaohs. In my third fantasy book, an interesting piece of Gradaia’s history and lore will be revealed. Six thousand years before the formation of the Empire, there was this group of kings who were strong in magic. Thanks to their political influence, military might, and magical knowledge, these kings became great legends that formed and destroyed kingdoms. In modern times, these kings are regarded as myths since the power they wielded seemed belong to lesser gods. Even so, these kings are revered for their great deeds and it is because of them that several groups believe that people who can use magic have a special connection with the gods. What is most intriguing is that the final resting place for these kings was lost to history along with all of their magical secrets. However, it looks like that resting place will be revealed in the third book and I will be drawing inspiration from the Valley of the Kings.



This post is fitting considering what is happening in the world today. When diseases such as the Black Death spread across medieval Europe, there were individuals who wandered the streets of ravaged towns. These people possessed an appearance that was the stuff of nightmares. In reality, these people were doctors, more specifically plague doctors. Plague doctors wore masks that made them look like ravens. This may look frightening, but it had a very practical design. The beak section of the mask was filled with sweet-smelling substances that were meant to keep viruses from infecting the doctor. Essentially, the plague doctor’s mask was an early version of a gas mask while their hoods and cloaks were an early version of hazmat suits. In my third fantasy novel, the main villain will be wearing a mask that resembles that of a plague doctor.


The following post has some spoilers from the latest chapter of My Hero Academia. You have been warned.

The Symbol of Terror and Angel of Death, Tomura Shigaraki, may be starting to wake up at the end of the latest chapter of My Hero Academia. Throughout the chapter, we received a hint of just how terrifying Shigaraki has become due to his surgery. When Mirko sees what Shigaraki has become, her survival instinct kicked in. She knew what she was looking at was the embodiment of fear and death. As such, Mirko tried to kill Shigaraki before he wakes up and kills everyone. Mirko described Shigaraki as a “thing” as though he wasn’t even human anymore. It was like she saw him as an unholy Lovercraftian monster that was waiting to wake up.

The fact that a superhero as fearless as Mirko was afraid of Shigaraki’s new form demonstrates that he has become so much more than when he fought Re-Destro and the Meta Liberation Army. This further strengthens my suspicions that Shigaraki has evolved into a Thanos-level supervillain. I wouldn’t be surprised if Shigaraki beats up Endeavor in the same manner Thanos beat up the Hulk.

Mirko tried to kill Shigaraki with a headshot, but her grievous injuries threw off her aim. As a result, Mirko was only able to crack the front of Shigaraki’s tank and disconnect some of its tubes.

When Mirko’s fellow superheroes finally arrived, a dialogue bubble appeared from Shigaraki’s tank, which hints that he is waking up. Mirko tried to kill Shigaraki, but it looks like all she succeeded in doing was awaken a sleeping giant. Shigaraki was even smiling in his tank and his eyes were starting to open, which implies he is somehow aware of what is happening outside his tank.

Overall, it looks like we will see the full extent of Shigaraki’s makeover in the next chapter. He is currently only at 75% full power, but I am very certain that he will be more than powerful enough to give the superheroes the beating of their lives. The heroes may have Aizawa’s power negation, but I wonder if Shigaraki’s new powers are too strong for even Aizawa to negate. Even if Shigaraki’s powers are negated, it looks like his surgery gave him some physical augmentations that made him extremely muscular. This implies that he can still physically best all the heroes even while his powers are being negated by Aizawa. Overall, I expect to see a one-sided massacre in the next chapter as Shigaraki wakes up and mops the floor with the heroes.

I can see some Biblical themes with Shigaraki and his awakening. His original power symbolizes death and the fourth Horseman of the Apocalypse symbolizes death. When the Horseman of Death rides, Hell follows him. I think we will see something similar happen when Shigaraki awakens. When he wakes up and emerges from his tube, the world as the heroes know it will end.


I have finished the fourteenth chapter and started the fifteenth chapter of my new superhero book. The fourteenth chapter revolves around how the media reacts to the superhero’s continuing war on crime. The fifteenth chapter will revolve around how certain parties contemplate on how to counter the superhero’s crusade. These chapters are political and social in nature as every citizen forms their own opinion of the superhero. Since I watch a lot of news, I thought of including segments in the story that are based on how the media would react to the emergence of a superhero. In addition, the superhero’s enemies and allies develop their respective plans for the next phase of the story.


In my new superhero story, the next supervillain will be the son of the main villain. This son will be a screw up and is constantly seeking his dad’s approval. His dad constantly lies to the public about his son’s fictional accomplishments in an attempt to make himself look good. Now, an opportunity arises in which the main villain gives his son a chance to win his approval. However, once he completes his task, the son will have other plans, which will lead to the son becoming the next supervillain of the story. Like my main character, the villain’s son will possess multiple powers, but unlike my protagonist, the son’s powers will be unstable.


Shigaraki Tube

Before I proceed, I should warn you this post is full of spoilers. In the most recent chapter of My Hero Academia, it looks grim for the Paranormal Liberation Front as the heroes lay siege to their strongholds. However, there seems to be a ray of hope for the villains. That ray of hope comes in the form of their leader, Tomura Shigaraki. At the end of the last chapter, it looks like the heroes are about to crack open Shigaraki’s capsule. However, I think that would be a HUGE mistake for the heroes. If the heroes wanted to prevent Shigaraki from powering up, I believe they are too late. They should have taken out Shigaraki before he even gotten his surgery rather than wait until he was a month away from completing it. Last we checked, Shigaraki was about 71% done with his surgery. However, we don’t know if Ujiko did something to Shigaraki behind the scenes that sped up his surgery. Cracking his capsule open may prevent him from becoming more powerful, but it is likely he is now too powerful for the heroes to defeat. In the most recent chapter, we learned that Doctor Ujiko’s High-End Nomu were capable of stabilizing themselves without the aid of their capsules, which was demonstrated when they wised up to Mirko’s tactics and gradually became stronger, faster, and deadlier. I think Shigaraki will be the same way. He may be awakened from his surgery too early, but he may be able to stabilize himself independently. With just his Decay power by itself, Shigaraki can disintegrate the entire hospital and everyone in it. We don’t even know what other powers Doctor Ujiko gave him, which will make Shigaraki even more dangerous and unpredictable. Even in his unstable state, I think Shigaraki will be too powerful for the heroes to defeat and he will force the heroes in the hospital to retreat. I don’t think the heroes should crack open Shigaraki’s capsule at all. As long as he is in that capsule, he is not a threat and he is contained. He may complete his surgery, but he will be sealed. If the heroes open it even in his current state, they will essentially be releasing the Devil himself and all the powers of Hell. After that, it will be impossible to put the genie back in the bottle. Meanwhile at the villains’ mansion, Gigantomachia is currently sitting in the shadows and watching the radio he carries rather than help the villains fend off the heroes. My guess is that Gigantomachia is waiting for orders from his new master, which is Shigaraki. By himself, Gigantomachia can easily and single-handedly turn the tide of the mansion battle in the villains’ favor. If Shigaraki awakens and gives Gigantomachia the order, it will be a total defeat for the heroes and they would be forced to retreat and regroup. Overall, I think we are about to see both battles swing in the villains’ favor.



My Kaiju short story, Karmathaur, got a four star review on

“A group of fanatics calling themselves the Anakim create a demi-god to free the Earth from the burden of humanity – or that is how they see it. To the rest of the world, Karmathaur is a monster that seems unstoppable.

I liked this story. The clever way the author linked the four main characters into it as friends of the first victim of the monster, pulled apart then drawn together by his death and its consequences. Marcus and Terry were his friends, and Kanae was part of their social group and girlfriend of Terry. In addition Kanae, as the daughter of the leader of the Anakim, feels the need to redeem herself, working with her uncle Atari to do so.

The description of the creation of Karmathaur is brilliantly creative technobabble and the action scenes – some from the monsters POV are powerfully presented. For me the most poignant scene is where Karmathaur admires the sunrise, raising the question where is the monster here? It only kills to live – and that’s what we humans do, isn’t it?

The main issue with this book is that the quality of writing is very patchy and that gets in the way at some key points with the flow of the story.

I’d recommend this to anyone who is a fan of Godzilla and other books/anime/movies of that kind.”



Easily one of the most common inorganic creatures in fantasy would be golems. Golems are humanoid beings created from lifeless matter through the use of magic and alchemy. Because of the raw materials they are made from, golems come in all forms. Some golems are made from clay like the golem in Jewish folklore, others are made from flesh like Frankenstein’s monster, and a few are made from the classic elements like in other fantasy stories. One magic secret that will be explored in my third fantasy book will revolve around the creation of golems.


For centuries, some people believed that a king’s right to rule was divine. Examples of this were the pharaohs of Ancient Egypt and the Emperors of Japan, who were treated as living gods made flesh. Throughout the Middle Ages, kings such as Henry VIII considered themselves anointed by God, which gave them the divine right to do whatever they wanted. Several monarchs even established cults of personality that served as a form of state religion. Such cults existed in Ancient China and Rome. In medieval Europe, which was a completely superstitious time, kings were thought to possess the ability to heal the sick. Obviously, those miracles never happened, but what if such miracles actually happened in a monarch’s court?

In my third fantasy book, my main character will learn and wield long forgotten secrets in magic. Many of his mystical feats will be seen as miracles by his subjects, which will convince his subjects that his magic is a form of divine power. In addition, his magic will change the face of the Empire and the Imperial Monarchy forever. This development will ultimately lead to the main character trying to become a God Emperor. If Numen the Slayer depicted a member of House Magnus becoming a king and The War of the Gilded Beasts depicting a Magnus becoming an emperor, then the third volume will depict a Magnus becoming a living god (at least from a public perspective sense).