It took me some time to realize this, but I just discovered some similarities between my Magnus Dynasty Saga and the Dune Series. Both series revolve around the history of noble families that rise to ultimate power; House Atreides in Dune Series and House Magnus in the Magnus Dynasty Saga. House Atreides had a feud with House Harkonnen and usurped House Corrino as the new imperial family of the know universe. House Magnus had a feud with House Baal and usurped House Sylva as the new imperial family of the Gradaian Empire. House Atreides gained the loyalty of the Fremen, who were a civilization that was looked down upon by the known universe. House Magnus gained the loyalty of the Welts, who were a people most folk see as primitive savages. Paul Atreides takes a member of the Fremen tribes as his lover. Numen Magnus takes a Welt woman as his lover. House Atreides gained ultimate prescient power due to Paul Atreides becoming the Kwisatz Haderach and Leto II Atreides becoming God Emperor. House Magnus gained mystical power due to being one of the few Druid bloodlines left in the Empire. House Atreides gained control over the giant sandworms of Arrakis and uses them as beasts of war. House Magnus gained control over the last dragons and uses them as beasts of war. These two noble families suffered loss and hardship before overcoming the odds in order to achieve ultimate power in their respective universes. I like dynastic stories that show underdog families defying insurmountable odds and becoming stronger over time. Due to this, I will not limit my fantasy series to just three volumes. Like the Dune Series did with House Atreides, I will be telling the story of House Magnus through multiple volumes until I run out of story ideas.

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