As we learned in recent chapters of my Hero Academia, there is a lot more to Izuku’s power, One For All, than we originally thought. When we were first introduced to One For All, it granted its user tremendous raw power that augmented their strength and speed to god-like levels. However, One For All took time to master and if used to the extreme it would damage the user’s body. We received a glimpse of how powerful Izuku would inevitably become when he masters 100% of One For All when he battled Overhaul. However, he was only able to use 100% of One For All with the assistance of Eri’s temporal healing and cannot unleash his full power on his own yet.

Now, we learn that what we have seen so far was only the tip of the iceberg when it came to One For All’s true power. In addition to the standard-issue abilities it came with, One For All also possesses the powers of all of its previous users, which means Izuku has six more powers to awaken, learn, and master. Due to One For All’s tendency to stockpile energy, each of the previous users’ powers have been explosively augmented after mixing with One For All. That means even if the original powers were weak and mundane, they would be on a completely different level now.

The first of these dormant powers Izuku awakened was called Blackwhip, which was the ability to conjure dark energy whips to capture and restrain targets. When it first manifested, Blackwhip proved far too powerful for Izuku to control and nearly ripped his right arm out of its socket. Izuku needed the assistance of his classmates to bring his new power to heel. After some training, Izuku was able to summon Blackwhip in a more controlled fashion, but he could only maintain it for a few seconds. For now, Izuku is nowhere near achieving mastery of either One For All’s standard abilities or Blackwhip. If that wasn’t intense enough for Izuku, he also has five more dormant powers he needs master before he faces off against Shigaraki in the endgame.

According to All Might, the next dormant power Izuku will learn will be the power of All Might’s mentor, Nana Shimura. Nana Shimura’s original power was called Float. Based on its name, it seems Nana Shimura could either levitate or fly, which was fitting since her partner Grand Torino had limited flight capabilities.

Now that we know which power Izuku will awaken next, the question is how is he going to awaken it. When Izuku awakened Blackwhip, he felt anger and an intention to capture someone. This could mean that each of the dormant powers are activated by a certain emotion and intent. With this in mind, we have to look at what we know about Nana Shimura’s character. Nana Shimura has been portrayed as a kind, loving, compassionate, and strong-willed woman. Based on these factors, I think the emotions required to activate Float are the emotion of love and the intent of saving someone.

If the emotion of love and the intent of saving someone are the triggers needed to activate Float, I think I have an idea of what conditions Izuku will face when he feels and thinks these factors. From the very beginning, it has become clear that Izuku has feelings for fellow classmate Ochaco Uraraka, who also has romantic feelings for Izuku. For the moment, they are keeping their feelings in check and staying mindful of their duties. In the unfolding war between superheroes and supervillains, I think Ochaco will find herself in a life-or-death situation and Izuku will be forced to rescue her.

Since Ochaco’s power allows her to control the gravitational field of whatever she touches, it would be perfect Izuku to awaken Float while rescuing her. Ochaco would also be the perfect teacher to help Izuku master Float. I can picture them professing their love for each other as they are levitating in the air. This could be when they cease to be friends and become boyfriend and girlfriend, which would possibly lead to them becoming married at the end of the story.

Because the powers of One For All’s previous users would be explosively augmented, I think Izuku’s usage of Float may allow him to achieve supersonic flight like Superman. I hope we find out soon as the final war between heroes and villains unfolds.

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