Deku Unleashed

As we all know, the power known as One For All has been passed down from generation after generation between nine users. However, what if it can no longer be passed down? What if One For All has found its final and permanent host in Izuku Midoriya? The reason I think this is because when Izuku first activated the dormant power known as Blackwhip, the vestige of Blackwhip’s original owner said that Izuku was going to be the one who completes One For All. The fact that Izuku is the first wielder of One For All to awaken the dormant powers of the previous users strengthens this argument. Another example that highlights this possibility is during the latest My Hero Academia film, where Izuku briefly shares One For All with Bakugo in order to defeat the supervillain Nine. However, Bakugo lost consciousness before the transfer could be completed, but I think there is more to it than that. I think One For All did not permanently transfer to Bakugo because Izuku is still the final user. That means he could temporarily grant One For All’s power to allies, but he cannot transfer it permanently like the previous users did. This will be a useful feature during the endgame against Shigaraki and the Paranormal Liberation Front. Another reason why I think Izuku is the final user of One For All is because of the power’s innate nature. One For All has been passed down the generations and each time it was transferred, it grew stronger and stronger, stockpiling power until it accumulated enough energy to fulfill its sole purpose: defeating All For One. The fact that Izuku can access the dormant powers of his predecessors could mean that One For All has finally acquired enough power to defeat All For One and, by extension, All For One’s successor, Tomura Shigaraki. If One For All was permanently passed on any further, it may acquire too much power for any user to wield which is another reason why Izuku is its final host. Once All For One and Shigaraki are permanently defeated, there would be no need to pass on One For All and it will ultimately die with Izuku.

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