The following post has some spoilers from the latest chapter of My Hero Academia. You have been warned.

The Symbol of Terror and Angel of Death, Tomura Shigaraki, may be starting to wake up at the end of the latest chapter of My Hero Academia. Throughout the chapter, we received a hint of just how terrifying Shigaraki has become due to his surgery. When Mirko sees what Shigaraki has become, her survival instinct kicked in. She knew what she was looking at was the embodiment of fear and death. As such, Mirko tried to kill Shigaraki before he wakes up and kills everyone. Mirko described Shigaraki as a “thing” as though he wasn’t even human anymore. It was like she saw him as an unholy Lovercraftian monster that was waiting to wake up.

The fact that a superhero as fearless as Mirko was afraid of Shigaraki’s new form demonstrates that he has become so much more than when he fought Re-Destro and the Meta Liberation Army. This further strengthens my suspicions that Shigaraki has evolved into a Thanos-level supervillain. I wouldn’t be surprised if Shigaraki beats up Endeavor in the same manner Thanos beat up the Hulk.

Mirko tried to kill Shigaraki with a headshot, but her grievous injuries threw off her aim. As a result, Mirko was only able to crack the front of Shigaraki’s tank and disconnect some of its tubes.

When Mirko’s fellow superheroes finally arrived, a dialogue bubble appeared from Shigaraki’s tank, which hints that he is waking up. Mirko tried to kill Shigaraki, but it looks like all she succeeded in doing was awaken a sleeping giant. Shigaraki was even smiling in his tank and his eyes were starting to open, which implies he is somehow aware of what is happening outside his tank.

Overall, it looks like we will see the full extent of Shigaraki’s makeover in the next chapter. He is currently only at 75% full power, but I am very certain that he will be more than powerful enough to give the superheroes the beating of their lives. The heroes may have Aizawa’s power negation, but I wonder if Shigaraki’s new powers are too strong for even Aizawa to negate. Even if Shigaraki’s powers are negated, it looks like his surgery gave him some physical augmentations that made him extremely muscular. This implies that he can still physically best all the heroes even while his powers are being negated by Aizawa. Overall, I expect to see a one-sided massacre in the next chapter as Shigaraki wakes up and mops the floor with the heroes.

I can see some Biblical themes with Shigaraki and his awakening. His original power symbolizes death and the fourth Horseman of the Apocalypse symbolizes death. When the Horseman of Death rides, Hell follows him. I think we will see something similar happen when Shigaraki awakens. When he wakes up and emerges from his tube, the world as the heroes know it will end.

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