Shigaraki Tube

Before I proceed, I should warn you this post is full of spoilers. In the most recent chapter of My Hero Academia, it looks grim for the Paranormal Liberation Front as the heroes lay siege to their strongholds. However, there seems to be a ray of hope for the villains. That ray of hope comes in the form of their leader, Tomura Shigaraki. At the end of the last chapter, it looks like the heroes are about to crack open Shigaraki’s capsule. However, I think that would be a HUGE mistake for the heroes. If the heroes wanted to prevent Shigaraki from powering up, I believe they are too late. They should have taken out Shigaraki before he even gotten his surgery rather than wait until he was a month away from completing it. Last we checked, Shigaraki was about 71% done with his surgery. However, we don’t know if Ujiko did something to Shigaraki behind the scenes that sped up his surgery. Cracking his capsule open may prevent him from becoming more powerful, but it is likely he is now too powerful for the heroes to defeat. In the most recent chapter, we learned that Doctor Ujiko’s High-End Nomu were capable of stabilizing themselves without the aid of their capsules, which was demonstrated when they wised up to Mirko’s tactics and gradually became stronger, faster, and deadlier. I think Shigaraki will be the same way. He may be awakened from his surgery too early, but he may be able to stabilize himself independently. With just his Decay power by itself, Shigaraki can disintegrate the entire hospital and everyone in it. We don’t even know what other powers Doctor Ujiko gave him, which will make Shigaraki even more dangerous and unpredictable. Even in his unstable state, I think Shigaraki will be too powerful for the heroes to defeat and he will force the heroes in the hospital to retreat. I don’t think the heroes should crack open Shigaraki’s capsule at all. As long as he is in that capsule, he is not a threat and he is contained. He may complete his surgery, but he will be sealed. If the heroes open it even in his current state, they will essentially be releasing the Devil himself and all the powers of Hell. After that, it will be impossible to put the genie back in the bottle. Meanwhile at the villains’ mansion, Gigantomachia is currently sitting in the shadows and watching the radio he carries rather than help the villains fend off the heroes. My guess is that Gigantomachia is waiting for orders from his new master, which is Shigaraki. By himself, Gigantomachia can easily and single-handedly turn the tide of the mansion battle in the villains’ favor. If Shigaraki awakens and gives Gigantomachia the order, it will be a total defeat for the heroes and they would be forced to retreat and regroup. Overall, I think we are about to see both battles swing in the villains’ favor.

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