For centuries, some people believed that a king’s right to rule was divine. Examples of this were the pharaohs of Ancient Egypt and the Emperors of Japan, who were treated as living gods made flesh. Throughout the Middle Ages, kings such as Henry VIII considered themselves anointed by God, which gave them the divine right to do whatever they wanted. Several monarchs even established cults of personality that served as a form of state religion. Such cults existed in Ancient China and Rome. In medieval Europe, which was a completely superstitious time, kings were thought to possess the ability to heal the sick. Obviously, those miracles never happened, but what if such miracles actually happened in a monarch’s court?

In my third fantasy book, my main character will learn and wield long forgotten secrets in magic. Many of his mystical feats will be seen as miracles by his subjects, which will convince his subjects that his magic is a form of divine power. In addition, his magic will change the face of the Empire and the Imperial Monarchy forever. This development will ultimately lead to the main character trying to become a God Emperor. If Numen the Slayer depicted a member of House Magnus becoming a king and The War of the Gilded Beasts depicting a Magnus becoming an emperor, then the third volume will depict a Magnus becoming a living god (at least from a public perspective sense).

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