For years, the fantasy archetype of a Dark Lord has served as the main villain of almost every fantasy story. However, I am thinking of going a different direction by making the so-called “Dark Lord” of my third fantasy book the hero. My main character will only be referred to as a Dark Lord because the magical secrets they uncover and use are beyond what his subjects can understand. It is human nature to fear and hate what they don’t understand. Due to this, my main character will only be labelled a Dark Lord because his subjects fear and hate the magical power he wields. In addition, my main character will start out as a naive idealist who seeks mystical knowledge out of curiosity, but once he sees what he is capable of, he will use his new power to further consolidate his authority while ruthlessly and brutally crushing his enemies. Being a “Dark Lord” will make my main character a morally ambiguous anti-hero instead of a traditional fantasy hero. One could argue I will be making my readers cheer for the so-called “Dark Lord.”


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