While writing my new superhero book, I came to realize that several superhuman powers are very broad in their applications. For example, fire manipulation can mean a wide variety of powers from incineration to fire beam emission. Another example would be telepathy, which have even larger applications ranging from illusion casting, mind reading, and mind control. Based on just these examples, it is safe to say that if I give my characters a power that has a broad definition, it may make them too powerful to be relatable characters. Therefore, I will be doing extensive research of the various applications of every power while creating my characters. That way, they can have powers, but they will have believable limitations to them.


For a while, I have been toying with the idea of the Gradaian Empire being invaded by a foreign army. I could not decide if these invaders would be the descendants of Homantians who fled to a different continent after Homantis fell or if these invaders were in that separate continent to begin with. Now, I believe I have come up with a suitable idea that would be compatible to my fantasy world’s history and lore. At a currently undisclosed period in history, a collection of defeated nobles and their servants and followers would be banished to the eastern sea never to return. To the Empire at large, it is widely believed that these exiles died of thirst and starvation while at sea. The reason for this is because everyone in the Empire believed that Gradaia was the only landmass after the fall of Homantis. However, what if there was land to the far east beyond the sea and these exiles colonized there? What if their descendants patiently bided their time until it was time for revenge? I will tinker with this thought further and keep you updated on any further developments.


I have reached the seventh chapter of my new superhero book. In this chapter, a foreshadow of the first supervillain’s plans is revealed. We also get to see the aftermath of the superhero’s first night of crime fighting. Due to having several potent powers, the protagonist is immensely strong in a fight. However, he is still prone to the individual weaknesses of each of his powers. Also, using multiple powers at the same time takes a serious toll on his body. Due to these factors, the superhero in question is not yet suited for prolonged fights. We basically get to see just how worn out he becomes after just one night of crime fighting. In addition, the superhero gets into hot water when his loved ones find out what he was up to. Overall, this is going to be a fun and emotional chapter to work on.


For over two and a half years, I have been trying to justify and rationalize the last two seasons of Game of Thrones. Now, I realize that I cannot and it is time for me to be brutally honest with how the show ended. Both seasons were VERY poorly written and executed. They were rushed, recycled classic quotes from previous seasons instead of coming up with something new, and destroyed all the main character arcs. For example, they ruined Jaime Lannister’s redemption story by giving him some redeeming qualities but those qualities were not enough to truly redeem him. With Tyrion Lannister, they dumbed him down compared to how he was in earlier seasons. With Cersei Lannister, she did lose everything to a younger and more beautiful queen but wasn’t killed by a “younger brother” and her death was nowhere near satisfying. With Jon Snow, he died so he could leave the Night’s Watch only to be sent back in the end, which made his sacrifice meaningless. With Daenerys Targaryen, the whole Mad Queen change was too sudden and not believable because she may have been ruthless throughout the series but ruthless does not necessarily lead to madness. Even the war with the White Walkers was a complete disappointment. This list of destroyed character arcs goes on and on. There were also several scenes that were a complete waste of film without meaning or purpose. I can’t even stomach watching these seasons again. I have read fan fiction that was better written than the last two seasons. Due to this, I am going to pretend the last two seasons don’t exist and choose my favorite fan fiction as the ending. I am also worried about how the last two seasons will affect fans of the books because some think the books’ ending will be just as bad as the show or worse. This could potentially kill the books and that makes me worry.


We have seen billionaire superheroes in the past such as Batman, Iron-Man, and Green Arrow. All of these examples had no powers of their own and relied on gadgets and equipment they would construct with their immense wealth and resources. I am thinking of making my new superhero a billionaire, but there will be several twists to the archetype I will be using. Most prominently, my character will be using everyday items to fight crime and will have powers instead of gadgets and martial arts. As for the character’s wealth and resources, they will be deployed in a larger war than just ridding one city of crime. The setting of the story will be a fascist regime that is supported by corrupt corporations. The corporation that the superhero owns would initially be the government’s chief source of propaganda. Even though the corporation the superhero owns initially works for the government, its resources will eventually be used against the fascist regime. So I am taking a very political approach to the billionaire superhero archetype.


There have been cases in which superheroes had personal servants who were not only their most prized employees, but also their trusted confidants and loyal friends. Two of the most prominent examples would be the butlers of Batman and Iron-Man, Alfred Pennyworth and Edwin Jarvis respectively. For my new superhero book, I will be giving my main character a personal servant, but instead of a butler, his servant will be his housekeeper. Unlike some housekeepers, this character will dress like a butler instead of a maid. This character will be thirty years older than her employer and will be of Irish nationality.

I have decided to dedicate this character to my great grandparents. My father told me many entertaining stories about my great grandparents. My great grandfather was a tall, strong man who came to America from Ireland at around the turn of the century in 1900. My great grandmother was a petite yet powerful woman and a devout Christian. The stories I hear about my great grandmother are particularly entertaining especially with how she interacted with my grandfather and his brothers. My grandfather and his brothers were the biggest and toughest men in their hometown and the only thing they feared was my great grandmother; their sainted mother. Despite her small size, my great grandmother had willpower that was as strong and unbreakable as solid iron.

With these facts in mind, my housekeeper character will be a combination between my two great grandparents. She will be Irish like my great grandfather and she will be small yet fierce like my great grandmother. Both of my great grandparents lived before my time so making a character based on them will be my way of meeting them. I have included my parents, sister, and grandmother in my books so I have decided to branch out and include some of the mother loved ones in my books.


I have been rewatching the documentary known as Superheroes: Decoded, which gives a detailed description of the origins of the modern superhero genre and how it reflected the past century of American history. Even though there were several pop culture heroes such as The Shadow, Doc Savage, and Zorro, the first true superhero was Superman, who was introduced to the world in 1938. After Superman, comic book companies tried to make something that could rival Superman in terms of popularity and there were countless failures that are largely forgotten. However, the next major superhero to follow Superman was Batman. Batman was created to reflect the urban fears of the gritty city. The thirties were a time when the Great Depression struck America hard. While Superman was meant to give people hope in the face of the Great Depression, Batman was created to reflect the grim reality of crime-ridden cities. From this perspective, both Superman and Batman represent opposing sides of the human psyche with Superman signifying the ego and Batman signifying the dark subconscious. Even Batman’s origin story, which is the most unchanged out of all major superheroes, represented what could happen to you in a crime-stricken city.


I have reached the sixth chapter of my new superhero book and things are heating up. Not only will this chapter portray my superhero’s first acts of heroism, but it will also introduce the female lead. The female lead is a character who is a fighter to the core, but fighting is a way for her to forget her traumatic past. Still, no matter how hard she trains, her dark past haunts her when she least expects it. The nature of her past will be revealed in future chapters, but it will serve as an integral part of her character development. Fortunately, her first encounter with the main superhero gives her a way to cope with her painful memories.


All of you may have noticed this: I am a geek. I am proud of being a geek and I will NEVER apologize for it. Like many geeks, I have a very specific collection of keen interests. Because I like my interests to the point of obsession, I develop an intimate knowledge about them. At times, I feel like an outcast because I do not interact with many people who share my interests. However, at WonderCon or any other such convention, I am amongst my people. My therapist told me that many people with autism become geeks because their laser focus and strong memories allow them to thrive on whatever interests them. Because I am autistic, being a geek fits me like a slipper. I discovered that there is a very special group of geeks in Japan known as the otaku. In some countries, geeks are looked down upon, but in Japan, geeks are accepted as part of the social fabric. If I visited Japan, I think I would feel right at home.


For some time, I thought of writing a story about a superhero with multiple powers. At first, I thought of achieving this by giving the character a form of power mimicry that would allow them to copy powers. However, I am thinking to taking a different approach with my character’s multiple powers. Instead, I am thinking of having these powers be the product of a scientific experiment. In total, my character will wield twenty different powers. These powers will be my all-time favorite powers in one character. To prevent my superhero from being too powerful, he can only use one power at a time and using several powers at the same time puts a serious strain on his body. In addition, the final supervillain will have just as many powers and will serve as a foil to the superhero.