Like every monarch throughout human history, the main character of my third fantasy book will have his own collection of favourites. Favourites are courtiers who possess the monarch’s favor, which usually guarantees an elevation in status. As long as a courtier maintains the monarch’s favor, the rewards for their fealty could be limitless. If any of you have seen the film known as The Favourite, you get a good idea of what life is like for a monarch’s favourite. My protagonist’s favourites consist of bastards, peasants, and a group some consider to be heretics. If the bastards serve and please him, the rewards may include being legitimized and having their bastard status removed. If the peasants serve and please the protagonist, they could be appointed to high-ranking positions in the Imperial Government. If the heretics provide lost magical knowledge, they will be given the “Golden Age” they were promised. In addition, all three of these groups would also gain wealth, titles, and lands as long as they maintain the emperor’s favor. However, because the protagonist’s court is filled with bastards, peasants, and heretics, a lot of barons and kings across the empire find their elevation to the top of society hard to swallow. In addition to trying to prevent the return of magic, the protagonist’s enemies will also be motivated by their disdain for his choice of low-born courtiers.

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