We have seen billionaire superheroes in the past such as Batman, Iron-Man, and Green Arrow. All of these examples had no powers of their own and relied on gadgets and equipment they would construct with their immense wealth and resources. I am thinking of making my new superhero a billionaire, but there will be several twists to the archetype I will be using. Most prominently, my character will be using everyday items to fight crime and will have powers instead of gadgets and martial arts. As for the character’s wealth and resources, they will be deployed in a larger war than just ridding one city of crime. The setting of the story will be a fascist regime that is supported by corrupt corporations. The corporation that the superhero owns would initially be the government’s chief source of propaganda. Even though the corporation the superhero owns initially works for the government, its resources will eventually be used against the fascist regime. So I am taking a very political approach to the billionaire superhero archetype.

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