In my new superhero book, I will be featuring a unique virgin birth. This virgin birth will not be the result of a divine miracle but the result of a morally ambiguous science experiment. This virgin birth will also highlight the importance of a particular character in the story. I won’t say who that character is, but that character will change the world.


I have started my third attempt to write my new superhero book and it is going smoothly. I used the timeline from my previous attempts and modified it to fit into the newest version. I have also started the first chapter and it starts with a family gathering before turning into a fight on the streets. I think I have found the right version I want to pursue and I will keep you updated on any further developments.



Here is my writing studio, where my writing process happens. While writing, I get to relax in any of my two recliner chairs, enjoy a warm fire in the fireplace, watch whatever I want on my television, and watch my pit bulls snore or wrestle on my bed. This is the one place where my writing process is at its strongest, which may be due to the fact that it used to be my grandmother’s room and I always feel like she is still with me. This is not just my writing studio, it is also my man cave, living quarters, and safe haven.


In my new superhero book, I will be featuring a hulking supervillain that can pose a serious threat to both the superhero and the public in general. This individual will be a combination between Doomsday from DC Comics, the Tyrants from Resident Evil, and the Nomu from My Hero Academia. He will not be the final villain in the story, but he will be the superhero’s opponent before the main villain. The superhero will not walk away from this fight unscathed.


Before I proceed, I should warn you that this post may contain spoilers. I have been keeping track of the manga version of My Hero Academia and I am deeply intrigued with the transformation of Tomura Shigaraki.

After forming the Paranormal Liberation Front, Doctor Ujiko promised to make Shigaraki even stronger through a complex surgery. This process was said to last four months and be indescribably painful, but the rewards are worthwhile because it could potentially make Shigaraki even stronger than All For One. We saw how powerful All For One was during his final battle with All Might and he was way past his prime. The thought of Shigaraki being stronger than that, combined with being able to disintegrate an entire city with a single touch, would easily make Shigaraki the single most powerful and dangerous supervillain in the entire story.

In recent chapters, I saw Shigaraki get hooked up to a series of tubes and wires with Doctor Ujiko cheering from the sidelines. The surgery looks like a combination between the surgery that gave Wolverine his adamantium skeleton and claws as well as the surgery that got Bane hooked to the venom super-steroid. As we learned from Izuku Midoriya, when a person receives an unnatural power, their body would either be damaged or destroyed from the extreme kickback. Considering Ujiko is making Shigaraki stronger than All For One, the power Shigaraki would gain could kill him. With this in mind, I believe that Shigaraki’s body will receive a series of physical upgrades and augmentations that would allow him to withstand the extreme kickback of his new power. Once those modifications are done, Ujiko would then proceed to implant the power or powers that would make Shigaraki stronger than All For One. However, like physical therapy or adapting to an organ transplant, I think Shigaraki would need time to get used to his intense changes. That could explain why Shigaraki’s surgery would take four months to complete.

However, due to the most recent chapters, Shigaraki is at risk of awakening from his surgery a month too early. If that happens, Shigaraki may not be able to complete his surgery and his true strength may not be realized. Either that or his body may not have fully recovered from his changes and his new power would be dangerously unstable. However, if Ujiko and his High-End Nomu can fend off the heroes and give him and Shigaraki a chance to regroup to another location, then Ujiko might buy enough time to complete the surgery. We shall see as the final war between heroes and villains begins!


Controlling sound is probably one of the more creative superpowers in fiction. It is the ability to manipulate sound waves and alter them however you want. Characters that use sound manipulation include Banshee from Marvel Comics, Black Canary from DC Comics, and Present Mic from My Hero Academia. With sound manipulation, you can unleash shockwaves that blow your opponents away, imitate another person’s voice, or negate sound altogether for stealth missions. However, due to the destructive nature of sound waves when the volume is high enough, going beyond your decibel limit could inflict catastrophic damage to either the user’s body or the surrounding environment or both.


Another recognizable power would be telepathy, which is the ability to read and influence the minds of others. Characters such as Professor X from Marvel Comics, Martian Manhunter from DC Comics, and Matt Parkman from Heroes could use this power. Compared to other powers, telepathy is a VERY diverse skill. You can not just read or control the minds of others, you can also create vivid illusions, communicate with someone mentally, or overwhelm another person’s mind with psychic energy until they either pass out or die. Like telekinesis, telepathy’s shortcomings are mental in nature due to being a mental power. For example, you may only be able to access one mind at a time, you may have limited mental strength to maintain the psychic connection, you may only be able to use one kind of telepathic power, and overusing it could lead to brain damage on the user.


Another iconic superpower would be telekinesis, which is the ability to move objects with your mind without physically touching them. Due to being a common power, telekinesis has been used by characters such as Jean Grey from Marvel Comics, Raven from DC Comics, and Sylar from Heroes. With telekinesis, you can stop bystanders from falling, halt a tank in its tracks, or assault your opponent with psychic energy. Because it is a mental power, telekinesis might be limited to the user’s own mental strength. In the film Looper, most telekinetics could only move an object the size of a coin while Jean Grey from Marvel was powerful enough to rip objects apart one atom at a time. Depending on the user, exceeding your weight limit could cause nausea, headache, or even stroke.


The polar opposite of fire manipulation would be ice manipulation. It has been used by superheroes and supervillains such as Iceman from Marvel Comics, Killer Frost from DC Comics, and Frozone from the Incredibles. Compared to fire manipulation, which is mostly useful in destructive combat situations, ice manipulation is less violent if used correctly. You could use ice to immobilize opponents by encasing them in ice, you can freeze a tsunami before it can reach a populated area, and you can keep your ice cream from melting. However, just like fire manipulation, ice manipulation also has its own external and internal weaknesses. Externally, ice manipulation is weak against hot temperatures, shatter opponents like glass when frozen to death, or cause excessive property damage during fights. Internally, ice manipulation can cause the user hypothermia and frostbite if used excessively or at too low temperatures.


Easily one of the most iconic superhuman powers would be fire manipulation. It is the weapon of choice for superheroes and supervillains such as the Human Torch from Marvel Comics, Fire from DC Comics, and Endeavor from My Hero Academia. With fire manipulation, a superhuman can burn their enemies, which gives it serious applications in combat. However, it should be noted that fire manipulation has a series of drawbacks. One is its obvious weakness against water, another is a lack of oxygen, a third is that there are some materials that won’t burn. These are all external weaknesses, but the internal weaknesses are just as serious. The reason for this is because if used too much or at too high a temperature, fire manipulation could cook its user from the inside out and potentially kill them.