Almost every superhero has a love interest. Superman had Lois Lane, Batman had Catwoman, the Flash had Iris West, Aquaman had Queen Mera, Wonder Woman had Steve Trevor, Spider-Man had Mary Jane Watson, etc. The list goes on and on into infinity. I will be including a love interest for my new superhero and I will be modeling this character after the Yandere archetype from anime and manga. In one of my previous posts, I described what a Yandere was. A Yandere is a mentally unstable character who possesses strong romantic feelings for another character and engages in acts of extreme violence. This Yandere will be good friends with the superhero’s secret identity, but their psychotic love would be focused on the main character’s superhero persona. When the Yandere discovers that their best friend and their romantic obsession are one and the same, all hell will break loose. Overall, my new superhero and this Yandere are going to have a love-hate relationship that will put Batman and Catwoman to shame.

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