As a superhero writer and fan, I noticed some familiar aspects about Izuku Midoriya, the protagonist of My Hero Academia. It looks like Izuku was partly based on Spider-Man/Peter Parker for a number of reasons. Like Peter Parker, Izuku was a student who was bullied at school and was born without powers. Izuku did not acquire his powers naturally just like Peter Parker. Just like Spider-Man, Izuku has an unintentional tendency to attract multiple girls. Even though Mary Jane Watson was the love of Spider-Man’s life, there other women such as Gwen Stacy and Black Cat who were drawn to him. Once he was able to control his powers to a more manageable degree, Izuku was able to jump and leap at superhuman speed, which is something Spider-Man is known to do. Recently, Izuku displayed the ability to conjure whips of energy that allow him to ensnare targets or pull himself towards another location. This is similar to how Spider-Man uses his webbing to ensnare targets and swing between buildings. As Izuku develops as a character, I think I will see more similarities to Spider-Man.


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