It has come to my attention that empires are forged in the fires of conquest and built on the backs of subjugated nations. If an empire gets complacent with what it has under its thumb, its armies will get soft and its resources won’t grow. Sooner or later, an empire will seek out new territories to conquer. It is inevitable that an empire will desire more land and people subservient to them. Gradaia has been an empire for over 1,300 years so it is long overdue to expand itself. With this in mind, I will introduce another continent in my fantasy world across the sea from the Gradaian Empire. This continent will not be another empire. Instead, it will be a collection of eleven independent kingdoms that constantly engaged in both war and politics with one another. I am thinking of basing the Gradaian Empire’s first interaction with these kingdoms to when Christopher Columbus discovered America. I will also be basing the conflict to come after the Hundred Years War where England battled France for the French throne.

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