I wrote three chapters in a single night! The looming shadow of a forthcoming battle is creeping closer. The relationships of various characters will be revealed. I am loving how the story is becoming more complex and the interactions with the characters are becoming deeper. Initially, I expected this project to be a simple side project, but my interest in it is growing with each word I write. As I was writing these chapters, I developed some big ideas for some of the characters. A few of the characters will perform the ultimate sacrifice for the greater good. In the chapters ahead, an army will be raised, weapons will be stockpiled, and a fleet will be assembled. A climactic battle that will decide the ultimate fate of not just a single star system but also an entire government will be fought.



For my space opera series, I am thinking of giving my main character a machete made from a very special metal. The machete will be similar in design to the picture above with the exception of a number of differences. I recently discovered that there is a special martial art in Haiti that involves using a machete in combat. This martial art is similar to fencing in the sense that it is a one-handed style that relies on elaborate footwork. I am thinking of having my main character fight in a similar fashion, but his style will be a balance between strength and speed as well as offense and defense.



I am thinking of drawing inspiration from World War 2 warships for my space opera series. The space ships in my series will share the same name as many of these real-life vessels. This will be similar to how the USS Enterprise from Star Trek shared the same name with a real-life World War 2 warship. They will even share the same model names such as dreadnoughts, frigates, and corvettes. In addition, I will be drawing inspiration from fighter planes and firearms from the World War 2 era. Like the warships, they will share the same model name as the real-life weapons. However, the ones in my space opera series will be far more technologically advanced. Normally, World War 2 is not my preferred time period, but I found a gold mine of inspiration in terms of weapons, military ranks, ships, and battle tactics.



I did some research on the space opera genre and I discovered something stunning on Amazon. Apparently, the space opera genre is surprisingly popular because there are over 30,000 stories to choose from. The picture above is but one example that is available. A few of them were released this this month in November. Since I am writing my own space opera series, this gives me hope because I clearly have a big audience waiting when I am done.