Today, I have written 20 pages and counting in a single day! Seven Hells, it was a glorious day! Once I started writing, I could not stop. It was like I was struck by lightning and was energized by it. I have written the fifteenth, sixteenth, and seventeenth chapters of my space opera book. I have also reached the 90 page marker and am nearing the 100th. I have been writing a very complex battle that takes place from multiple points of view. I have done it this way because in real life a battle does not take place from one point of view. It takes place from many points of view. This battle will be fought from many fronts. One will be a space battle, one will be fought along a domed city’s walls, one will be fought inside of an enemy flagship, and one will be fought inside of a government building. The outcome of all these pieces of the battle will decide the fate of an entire planet.

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