I just had a messed up idea for my space opera story. At some point, one of the protagonists will confront an enemy without a face. These kinds of injuries should have killed the enemy, but they are still able to fight like a madman drunk on bloodlust. Every attempt to fend off this enemy is swatted away like an annoying fly and the surrounding environment crumbles beneath the enemy’s rage like so many dominoes. So this one-sided fight quickly becomes a relentless game of cat and mouse as the protagonist is being chased by an unnatural, faceless horror that is hell-bent on killing them and everyone who gets in their way. Imagine being chased by a serial killer who has no face. It is going to be a scene that is going to be one of the most frightening scenes I have ever written. Even I am scared just thinking about it. It will be like something from the Texas Chainsaw Massacre times ten!

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