I have started my space opera story idea tonight. The creative fire burned so brightly in me tonight that I just could not ignore it. Because I have so many story ideas burning in me all at once, I think I will write whichever one works for me each day. Normally, I get distracted when I am writing multiple projects at the same time, but my creative fire is burning from one idea one day and another the next. Either way, I will enjoy the writing process the whole time.

With my space opera idea, I have formulated the timeline that creates the setting of my fictional world. I have started the first chapter, which introduces six of the main characters. Also, an armada is assembling for war and the fate of a strategically important star system hangs in the balance. The second chapter will revolve around introducing the prime main character and what kind of planet he lives in. Overall, I am glad I am finally putting this idea on paper.


Like most space opera stories, the interstellar setting takes place amongst fictional star systems with equally fictional names. However, I am going to break with tradition with my space opera series. Instead, I will be basing my space opera setting on star systems and planets that astronomers found in real life. These star systems and planets will have the same names. So far, over five hundred star systems have been discovered by astronomers and counting. Also, there won’t be any real aliens. Instead, these so-called “aliens” will be so in name only and will actually be humans who underwent physically changing mutations after several generations. In terms of space travel, there will be no “warping”, “light speed”, or even “Ludicrous Speed”. Instead, there will be no speed at all and spaceships will be able to travel to various parts of the galaxy by folding space around themselves and teleporting to another part of space. The spaceships’ models and names will be after real life navies around the world. There will be groups of superhuman warriors who use Damascus steel weapons and are named after real life ancient warriors from Earth. Essentially, I will be basing it on various real world concepts and apply them in a space opera setting. Overall, the outline is in the works and I am liking what I see so far.


Ever since I was a child, I have always been a fan of the space opera genre. I was fascinated by the space battles, the interstellar politics, and the depths of the cosmos. I am thinking of one day writing my own space opera series. I have been itching to write such a story, but it took me a long time to find the right moving parts for it. Now, I think I may have found those moving parts. I will keep you updated on any further developments on this story idea.


I have written the sixth chapter of my new superhero book and am in the process of writing the seventh chapter. The sixth chapter shows a news clip of how the public view my superheroes and it features a glimpse of the first major supervillain of the story. Chapters one through five focused on introducing each of the main characters and how they fight crime individually. Now the seventh chapter will feature the first meeting of the five characters and how they operate as a team. I am liking how the story is unfolding and I look forward to tinkering with it further.


I remember hearing something on the news that publishers made a deal with John Bolton to write a book about everything he knew about the Trump Administration. They tasked him with releasing the book by election day next year. I am thinking of doing the same thing with my new superhero book because it is not just another book, it is a political statement. I am choosing this deadline to release my new superhero book because it will reflect the times we currently live in. In the aftermath of Watergate, Marvel Comics released a Captain America graphic novel where the main villain was the President of the United States himself. I am hoping to achieve something similar with my new work in the aftermath of the Trump Impeachment. Apparently, I have now become a political activist as well as an author! Who knew?


As an avid reader of superhero graphic novels, I thought of taking inspiration from various storylines and combine them into my own storyline for my upcoming superhero book. First, like The Dark Knight Returns, my superheroes will be dealing with a government who sees them as a threat to their credibility and authority. Second, like Watchmen, my story will take place in an alternate timeline. Third, like Captain America and the Falcon: Secret Empire, the primary villain of the story is the President of the United States himself. By piecing these ideas together, I have a very sturdy idea of how the story will unfold as I write.


After much brainstorming for the first major supervillain in my upcoming superhero book, I have decided on what he will be like. He will essentially be Karl Ruprect Kroenen, the Joker, and Dr. Frankenstein all rolled into one. Like the Joker, my character will be a nihilistic and psychopathic anarchist. Like Karl Ruprect Kroenen, my character will be a deadly fighter when the situation requires and will have done extensive and horrific modifications to his own body. Like Dr. Frankenstein, my character will be a chaotic scientist who does not care about morals or ethics as long as his thirst for knowledge is appeased in the end. Overall, my character is going to be a serious and nasty piece of work!



I just had an intriguing thought about a potential future story in my fantasy series. In my fantasy world, it is already known that meteorites contain an ore that creates high quality weapons and armor. However, what if something else comes from meteorites? What if a legion of predatory life forms were dormant in a cluster of meteorites until they crash landed? How will medieval and fantasy armies stand against a horde of otherworldly predators? These aliens will not have spaceships, lasers, or technology of any kind. They will just be purely instinctual animals searching for food. I will toy with this idea further as it develops.



In Norse mythology, there was a very specialized version of a zombie called a Draugr. Draugr were undead warriors who lived in their graves and guarded treasure. However, because they used to be warriors in life, I often wonder what an army of Draugr would be capable of. Throughout my third fantasy book, the Imperial Dynasty will be engaging in a form of mystical imperialism in an attempt to further consolidate their power over the empire. They would do this by uncovering long forgotten secrets in magic. One of those secrets will involve turning a mass grave of fallen warriors into an unstoppable army of Draugr. However, because of their nature, this Draugr army can only be deployed as a last resort when the Imperial Crown is most at risk. I looking forward to elaborating on this further as I continue to write.


It seems like fate that I had the most horrifying nightmare I ever had on Halloween night. As I slept, I had visions of a darkened sky enveloped by smoky clouds. I was standing alone amidst a ravaged and dead land. The ground is cracked so wide that the Earth’s core glowed brightly through the cracks. In the distance, the screams and shrieks of unholy creatures could be heard through the flames gushing into the atmosphere. Something big was lurking in those clouds, but most of it is obscured by the clouds and smoke. Every so often, the beast’s flaming tentacles would emerge from the haze, spraying fiery debris on the ruined landscape. The ground shook violently as the abomination in the sky roared. As the clouds part, I catch a glimpse of the chaotic entity before waking up. I have NEVER been that frightening by a nightmare before! I will definitely draw inspiration from it for my future cosmic horror short story. Happy Halloween!