A few years ago, I discovered the significance of swords with curved hilts like this katana. When a sword’s hilt is curved, you not only have better blade control and precision, but you also have a little extra power with each strike. The curvature of the hilt also makes your techniques and movements unpredictable compared to swords with a straight hilt. I will be featuring a sword with a curved hilt in my space opera story.



I had an interesting skill to give one of my characters in my space opera story. I am thinking of giving them the ability to dual wield two weapons at the same time. I am thinking of modeling their fighting style after the Japanese Daisho sword pair. Normally, when these blades are used, the larger blade is used for offense and the smaller blade is used for defense. However, this character will not be using a katana and wakizashi, which are the usual blades for a Daisho sword pair. Instead, they will be wielding one large blade and a small blade at the same time. I won’t say which blades they will be using, but it will be impressive.


In many space opera stories, there have been examples of psychics with extraordinary powers. Spock from Star Trek had psychic abilities when he performed the Vulcan Mind Meld. The Jedi and Sith have prominently displayed psychic powers through the Force in Star Wars. River Tam was implied to have psychic powers in Firefly and Serenity. Sarah Kerrigan was one of the strongest psychics in the Starcraft franchise. The list goes on and on. I am thinking of carrying on this tradition by including an organization of psychics in my space opera story. These psychics will be the most prominent military and law enforcement organization in known space. Real life militaries often perform experiments to try and create an army of psychic super-soldiers. A prime example is the Stargate Project from 1991, which was conducted by the United States Army. One could argue that my organization is a manifestation of what that psychic army would look like if it ever bore fruit.



Something intriguing happened during the impeachment hearing yesterday. During the hearing, Trump used Twitter to blast the testifying ambassador and smeared her reputation. While it is true that the President can appoint ambassadors, it is not the right of the President to smear their reputation and threaten them afterwards. This ambassador was threatened before she testified and now she has been threatened by Trump in public on Twitter. Trump thought this would make him look tough to his followers or distract the public from the fact that his advisor Roger Stone has been found guilty and could face 20 years in prison. However, all he succeeded in doing was create another article of impeachment for not just obstruction of justice, but also witness intimidation. Trump also undermined the False Republicans’ defense for him, which is something he has been doing often these days. He can’t help himself because his ego is too big and too fragile, which makes him too unpredictable for his False Republican minions to defend coherently.



I have always been a fan of space battles. They are a common theme in space opera stories where two or more fleets fight one another. I like how they are like the naval battles and dogfights from World War II. I recently discovered that the Starship Enterprise was named after a World War II warship called the USS Enterprise. I am thinking of including at least two space battles in my first space opera story. I am even going to name the various ships after real life ships and aircraft from the United States Navy.


I have written the third and fourth chapters of my new space opera book and I have reached the 20th page! The story is flowing quite well. Even though this is a relatively new story idea, I have been planning the idea of a potential space opera story for some time now. I have depicted my first major space battle and what life is like on an interstellar city. Overall, I am liking how the story is turning out so far.



Like some fans, I am concerned if Disney ruined Star Wars. However, after much thought, I have concluded that this is not the case. Most stories have a beginning, middle, and end. Star Wars, on the other hand, is not like other stories. It is a modern mythology that keeps growing, evolving, and expanding. With each film, video game, book, television show, and comic book, we are given another chapter that further elaborates on the mythology of Star Wars. It is a story that is generational in nature. With each new generation of fans, the story’s evolution accelerates. Some chapters are more enjoyable than others as is the case with every franchise, but as a whole the Star Wars franchise will endure and grow. Some die hard fans may not enjoy what Disney is doing, but newer and younger fans are obviously enjoying it and that is what is important. Those younger fans are the future of the Star Wars culture. Some fans did not like that the Legends stories were discarded, but I am glad it was. Even though I enjoyed the Legends stories, I noticed that they were overflowing with inconsistencies and contradictions. With it out of the way, Disney has an opportunity to create a more cohesive Expanded Universe. Compared to Legends, the Disney Canon is doing a much better job of connecting all the stories together into a giant tapestry. Overall, I am enjoying what is becoming of the Star Wars franchise and I look forward to seeing what new chapters will be presented to us.