I am thinking of one day engaging in traditional publishing. I haven’t done this since after I graduated from high school. I remember being rejected countless times, but I never let that stop me. Now that I have evolved as a writer and have come a long way since those days, I am thinking of getting in contact with big publishers one day. The main drawback I don’t like is that I have less control over the process, but the marketing and royalties will be much better than it is now. It is a long shot, but I am eager to fight to good fight one day. Wish me luck!



  1. I guess you saw how Gannett is merging a lot of newspapers together to make it the largest media conglomerate ever. “New Media Investment Group and Gannett finalized their merger Tuesday, putting top executives in position to move ahead with plans they believe will transform the new company’s local and national news brands, including USA TODAY, into a reinvented digital media powerhouse.
    The merger creates the largest U.S. media company by print circulation and one that will vie for the nation’s biggest online news and information audience.” as reported in USA Today –Karen

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