Like most space opera stories, the interstellar setting takes place amongst fictional star systems with equally fictional names. However, I am going to break with tradition with my space opera series. Instead, I will be basing my space opera setting on star systems and planets that astronomers found in real life. These star systems and planets will have the same names. So far, over five hundred star systems have been discovered by astronomers and counting. Also, there won’t be any real aliens. Instead, these so-called “aliens” will be so in name only and will actually be humans who underwent physically changing mutations after several generations. In terms of space travel, there will be no “warping”, “light speed”, or even “Ludicrous Speed”. Instead, there will be no speed at all and spaceships will be able to travel to various parts of the galaxy by folding space around themselves and teleporting to another part of space. The spaceships’ models and names will be after real life navies around the world. There will be groups of superhuman warriors who use Damascus steel weapons and are named after real life ancient warriors from Earth. Essentially, I will be basing it on various real world concepts and apply them in a space opera setting. Overall, the outline is in the works and I am liking what I see so far.

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