There has been leaked images of Kylo Ren battling someone powerful on board a Star Destroyer while all the surrounding stormtroopers were blown away. Some people think this mysterious opponent is Luke Skywalker’s Force Ghost while others say it is Anakin Skywalker’s Force Ghost. However, with the revelation of Darth Sidious’s return, Kylo Ren’s opponent could be Sidious himself. The First Order is essentially the Galactic Empire reincarnated while Kylo Ren is the current Supreme Leader after Snoke’s death. Because the First Order is the culmination of his legacy, it would make sense that Darth Sidious would challenge Kylo Ren for leadership of the First Order. Even though Kylo Ren will clearly become stronger in The Rise of Skywalker, he doesn’t stand a chance against Sidious. Darth Sidious has proven to match Yoda in both mastery of the Force and in lightsaber combat. It has been implied that Force users become more powerful after they experience death, which means Sidious might be even more powerful than he was when he fought Yoda in Revenge of the Sith. I can imagine Sidious saying, “Get off my throne, boy!” If Sidious defeats Kylo Ren, he may take Kylo Ren as his new apprentice, which would give Kylo Ren a chance to continue his grandfather’s work as Darth Sidious’s enforcer and executioner.



In the Star Wars Battlefront II video game, we became aware of a First Order program called Project Resurrection. Later, it was revealed that this program was a way for the First Order to increase the numbers and strength of their army and navy. It was called Project Resurrection because they were trying to bring back the military might of the Galactic Empire. However, with the revelation that Emperor Palpatine has returned, I think there was another aspect of Project Resurrection that we don’t know about yet. What if it was a way for the First Order to bring back the original Galactic Emperor to lead them? If this is the case, what method did they use to bring Palpatine back? A clone body? A droid copy? Or some kind of dark ritual utilized by Palpatine’s surviving acolytes? I hope we find out soon.



The electric chair has often served as a symbol for executions. I remember a disturbing scene from The Green Mile where an electric chair execution went horribly wrong. The reason it went wrong was because a dry sponge was on his head during the execution instead of a wet one. When the sponge is wet, it conducts the electricity directly into the subject’s brain. When the sponge is dry, electricity is conducted throughout the subject’s body, causing them to die a slow and painful death.

After watching this execution scene, I wondered how such an execution would have been done if it was magical in nature. In medieval times, executions came in many diverse forms such as hanging, beheading, or drawing and quartering. However, none of them involved the use of electricity. If magic was involved, it would have been easy to use electricity as a form of execution.

First, you would cover the criminal in a suit of chainmail and plate armor and nothing else. Like a lightning rod, metal armor would conduct electricity. If you add anything else, it would soften the effect of the electricity. When electricity is applied, the superheated armor would cook them from the inside out. By the time the execution is over, the armor will be melted and charred and the body would be so badly burned that the armor will have fused onto their flesh. Such a spectacle would instill a tremendous amount of fear into the populace and think twice about rebelling against the monarch. I will be featuring something like this in my third fantasy book.



I noticed that many of the superheroes in Watchmen were based on other superheroes from both DC Comics and Charlton Comics. They were not carbon copies. They were reimagined into something new with their own unique flare. The Comedian was based on the Peacemaker, Ozymandias was based on Thunderbolt, the Silk Specter was based on Black Canary, Nite Owl was based on Blue Beetle, Rorschach was based on the Question, and Doctor Manhattan was based on Captain Atom. I am thinking of following Alan Moore’s example by drawing inspiration of other superheroes in order to create my own characters. I will also base my characters’ personalities on various aspects of my own. The only problem I have is trying to come up with original names for my superheroes.