I have made great progress with my new superhero book. I have written the opening crawl that explains the alternate timeline of my world, the prologue, and the first two chapters. I have decided to make this a standalone book instead of part of a series. I will, however, write a group of spin-offs that talk about the origin stories of the main characters and how they came to work together as a team. The prologue is a scene in a talk show host, where the superhero team is discussed with differing opinions. The first chapter introduces the strongest of the main characters while the second chapter introduces the female lead. One character will be a lazy writer while the other works in a strip club when they are not fighting crime. I am taking this route with their secret identities because I want them to be flawed and relatable. In addition, this is a dystopian story so places such as strip clubs would be common place like something out of a Mad Max film.

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