I discovered a concept community for doomsday preppers called the Citadel. It is a community that is designed to withstand the end of the world. I am thinking of writing a novella about a similar community of doomsday preppers. I am thinking of watching shows and documentaries as inspiration of how such a community would operate. However, my story will depict the community having to deal with a siege from an inhuman enemy. The irony is that they have been preparing for the end of the world and they finally got their wish.


I remember this scene from Doctor Strange where the good doctor used the Time Stone to trap the demon Dormamu in a time loop. Every time Strange was killed, the time loop would restart until Dormamu agreed to Strange’s demands. This was an ideal way to trap and coerce an overpowered supervillain, but I have pondered on an alternate version of using a time loop.

If you had the power of using a time loop, then you would have a wonderful way of coercing people into doing whatever you want. During the time loop, you would have the freedom to torture and kill these individuals however you want. When they die, the time loop restarts, but they are left with the memory and pain of dying repeatedly. When they eventually break and agree to your demands, then you release them from the time loop.

I am thinking of doing something like this in my new superhero series where my main character does just that. With his power level, he would have an infinite variety of ways to torture his time loop victims. You will also get to see a sadistic side of the character. He will be doing the right thing but with the wrong methods. That will add moral ambiguity to the character.



No matter how much power you wield, there are limits to how much your mortal body can handle. The most grotesque example I can think of is what happened to Tetsuo in the anime film Akira. Tetsuo’s psychic powers were so immense that he had to take potent medication to keep them under control. Even with that medication, Tetsuo was still a powerful psychic who could demolish cityscapes, defeat armies, and even punch a hole in the moon. However, once the drugs wore off, Tetsuo’s powers became dangerously unstable to the point in which he could not control them anymore. As a result, his body mutated into a giant cybernetic fetus-like abomination. Either Tetsuo was subconsciously manipulating his atoms or his body was trying to increase its size to accommodate his growing power. Regardless of the reason, this incident demonstrates that when you wield god-like power, your mortal mind and body will be overwhelmed unless you have inhibitors in place. I am thinking of putting the main character in my new superhero series in a similar position when his true power surfaces.