I find myself in a strange position as a writer. Right now, I have so many different stories I want to work on, but it has my concentration divided. I want to continue the third fantasy book, my new superhero series, and the new short story ideas. However, I can only do one at a time or my mind will burst. I cannot decide which story I should focus my energies on at this time. I want to write more than anything, but I have not decided which one to tackle. I KNOW how each story should unfold and I am ALWAYS formulating ideas, but I can’t concentrate enough to actually write them. I am lost and I cannot find my way back without help. Does anyone have any suggestions? Your assistance will be very appreciated. Thank you.


  1. Hi Grady, I think this is a common dilemma for many creative minds. I’ve experienced it. Take your ideas, encapsulate the heart of each and prioritize which one sparks the most interest for you. I hope this helps. Happy writing.

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