I am starting to like the idea of overpowered superheroes because their immense powers not only make them formidable against super villains, but it also leads to interesting character developments. The two most prominent examples I can think of are Doctor Manhattan from Watchmen and Saitama from One Punch Man.

In the Watchmen graphic novel, Doctor Manhattan’s powers were displayed, but the true extent of his power was only implied. A greater look at Doctor Manhattan’s true power was seen when he defeated the combined strength of every superhero in the DC Universe. Saitama was so powerful that he could literally beat any opponent with one punch (except for a select few). The true extent of Saitama power has not been shown, but it is implied that if he wasn’t holding back he could destroy the world if he wanted to.

These two characters displayed a certain detachment from the rest of humanity as a result of their immense power. Doctor Manhattan’s cosmic and temporal awareness expanded his mind to such a degree that human affairs seemed completely irrelevant by comparison. Saitama’s detachment is due to the fact that he could not find an opponent that could satisfy his desire of an exciting fight. This resulted in not just his detachment from the world around him, but also an existential crisis as well. After all, absolute power is boring if you can’t find a worthy opponent.

I am thinking of making the main character of my new superhero series an overpowered character as well. His power will be on par with both Doctor Manhattan and Saitama, but his psychological development will be considerably different.

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