I have reached the first 40 pages of my third fantasy book. For months, I underwent a unique and severe case of writer’s block. I planned the whole story out, but I lacked the motivation to actually write it. Now, having conquered my writer’s block, I developed a new system of writing the story. It is similar to what I did with The War of the Gilded Beasts, where I wrote the battles first and filled out everything in between. This time, I wrote out the chunks of the story I had planned out and fill out the rest of the story later. Before these methods, I would write the whole story from start to finish and did not jump in between scenes. Now, I can write the sections that need to be written and worry about the rest of the story later without worrying about writer’s block. Today, I introduced the female lead of the third fantasy book. She may be a thirteen-year-old girl now, but she is already a shrewd, ambitious, and politically astute badass! These traits will intensify when she grows up.

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