I am thinking of one day writing a prequel to The Magnus Dynasty Saga that will revolve around Numen the Slayer’s distant ancestor, Galen the Bull. Galen was the son of Vaegar Dragonsteel, the man who forged the Sword of Power known as Gramfyre. Galen was also the very first Emperor of Gradaia, uniting the nine petty kingdoms of an entire continent under a single banner. This story would take place before the Empire was founded, which is essentially Gradaia’s Dark Age. Before Galen united them, the nine petty kingdoms were constantly at war with one another. The various kings were kings in name only and were not only at war with their neighbors but also their own vassals. This state of war and division has been taking place for a thousand years with each noble house trying to conquer one another.

In addition to the Dark Ages, I will also be drawing inspiration from an English Civil War known as the Anarchy. During the Anarchy, Queen Matilda fought her cousin King Stephen for the throne of England. While the two monarchs were squabbling amongst themselves, England itself was leaderless. The barons engaged in brutal turf wars against one another, which turned England into a disaster zone. If you lived in England in this time period, you could come home any day to find your crops destroyed, your animals taken, your house destroyed, and your family murdered. This state of mayhem had been taking place for twenty years. Imagine that kind of chaos happening for a thousand years!

Also, I will be drawing inspiration from Arthurian legend. Before Arthur became king, the land was divided and leaderless. The knights and lords were constantly fighting with not just each other but also the Saxons hordes invading from the sea. All of this disorder came to an end when Arthur pulled Excalibur from the stone, proving himself the leader the kingdom lacked. The storyline of this prequel will be along this same line.


I am currently working on the first chapter of my new superhero series. Essentially, it is the main characters’ debut and it will give the reader a taste of what they are capable of in a combat situation. Nothing is more important in a superhero story than the superhero’s debut to the public. I look forward to continue writing this chapter and see where it leads to.


I remember something creepy that happened a couple years ago when evil clowns started appearing around the world. Most of them were pranks, but many people feared that these clowns were preparing for an uprising that resembles The Purge. Fortunately, the clowns disappeared for a while and the rumored clown purge never happened, but the thought of killer clowns causing chaos across the country filled me with dread. I am thinking of showing a clown purge in my superhero series and the main characters will be fighting to stop them.