I decided to introduce an order of scholars who specialize in the study of magic in my third fantasy book. These will be scholars and scientists who know how magic operates, but they are unable to use magic themselves. With most of the Druid sorcerers losing their power, many magical secrets will have been lost for centuries. These people will be the ones who guard all the remaining secrets of magic.


I realized something about my fantasy books. Even though several characters could use magic, I never explained how this magic operates. I decided to rectify this in my third fantasy book, where the main character and his companions receive lessons on how to use magic. It will be like homeschooling for wizards. They will also be taught by the most unlikely instructors imaginable.


I had an intriguing idea for a story. As the title of this post suggests, this story takes place in Hell itself. It will be told from the point of view of the damned. I always viewed Hell to be the worst prison imaginable with the Devil being the warden and the damned been the inmates. Like any other prison, what if there was a jail break or riot when the damned revolt against their demon jailers? What if some of these inmates succeed in escaping from this prison? You could say this will be like the Shawshank Redemption except in Hell. I have long imagined what Hell would look like and this would be an opportunity to put it on paper. I will be basing the main character on the sins of someone I know and understand intimately.


In some of my earlier posts, I considered the possibility of doing my own dinosaur theme park story, but I now know that I need to do something more unique than that if I want this story to succeed. This will not be a theme park story. Instead, I am thinking of basing this story on humanity’s desire to prevent their own extinction as well as our mortality as a species. By reversing the extinction of prehistoric species, they might hope to discover the secret of preventing humanity’s extinction. However, I have been doing research lately and I discovered that it is not just dinosaurs scientists are hoping to bring back, but more recently extinct animals as well such as mammoths and saber-toothed cats. They are not using cloning like in Jurassic Park, but other scientific methods that involve combining prehistoric DNA with modern animal DNA, resulting in the creation of hybrid creatures. In addition to highlighting the mortality of the human race, I will also be toying with the idea of invasive species and how they change and sometimes destroy the world around them. As a child, I have been a huge fan of dinosaurs and prehistory so this will be a fun way to connect with my inner child.


The most famous Knight of the Round Table is Sir Lancelot. Lancelot had been King Arthur’s champion and closest friend during his time in Camelot. He was the picture perfect image of knighthood until he had an infamous affair with Queen Guinevere, King Arthur’s wife. This affair resulted in a civil war that nearly destroyed Camelot. Still, Lancelot left a legacy as one of Camelot’s greatest knights. In my third fantasy book, I am thinking of presenting a young knight who becomes the main character’s finest champion and best friend. In addition, this character will suffer from a curse that has afflicted his entire family and he is on a quest to break it.


When I was a child, my family owned a cockatiel parrot named Rodney. Rodney was a parrot who thought she was a dog and she was an escape artist. Even when we put her in her cage, she always found a way to escape. Her wings were clipped, but she could glide very well. Because she thought she was a dog, she would follow all the dogs in the house and sometimes boss them around. Her favorite spot would be perching on my father’s shoulder.

Also, my neighborhood has a flock of wild parrots who fly over us and scream. Some people wake up to rooster crows, but my neighborhood wakes up to these parrots’ screams. It is because of these parrots that the local ravens and crows don’t attack the smaller birds.

Parrots are the smartest animals in the world. They have the problem solving skills of a six-year-old child in a brain the size of a walnut.

I am thinking of doing a homage to Rodney and my neighborhood parrots by making a fantasy creature that is parrot-like.


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Allow me to give you an overview on what inspired me to create the nine kingdoms of the Gradaian Empire. I based these various kingdoms on places that I studied and places I have visited. Umbran was based on Scotland because of my roots to Robert the Bruce so I thought this would be a good way to pay homage to my ancestors. Aemarr was based on Hawaii because it is one of my favorite vacation spots and I love the climate and culture so I wanted to pay homage to it. The Aemarran people were a fusion between vikings and Pacific Islanders, both of which I have blood ties to. Valai was based on Napa Valley because I enjoyed the culinary adventure I had there and I wanted to create a kingdom that was located in a valley just like Napa. Varland was based on Iceland because I was fascinated by Iceland’s climate, which consists of both ice and volcanoes, and I liked that it was one of the lands my viking ancestors claimed. Storuuk was based on Mammoth Mountain, which has dense forests and woodlands and I based the Storuukan people on Anglo-Saxons. Waes was based on England because it was the country I studied the most on medieval history. Raevor was based on France because it was the second country I studied the most on medieval history. Gaena I based on both Rome and California because Rome was the capital of an empire and California is my home state. In addition, Gaena and California both have extensive history with gold mines and the imperial capital of Chrysos is located in a geographically defensible bay like San Francisco. Finally, Darrm is based on feudal Japan because I am a huge fan of Japanese culture as well as anime, manga, and kaiju. Overall, this empire is based on the various places I have loved most throughout my life and this is my way of paying homage to them all.


I had an idea for my third fantasy book. In addition to depicting the reign of the main character and their family, I will be showing a series of flashbacks and foreshadows of an ancient evil rising. These scenes will show what steps this evil will take in preparation for its return. As the peace and prosperity of the empire grows so does the strength and power of this evil. What I intend to depict is a symbolic comparison between the light and the dark. When an age of gold and light is at its height, an equally cruel and dark power will rise, waiting for the right moment to strike.


When I started to plan my first fantasy book, I wondered what kind of setting my fantasy world would be. Initially, I thought of making my fantasy world a kingdom, but that kind of setting has been used far too often. With this in mind, I thought who has more power, wealth, and influence than a king? The answer is an emperor, which is a rank and title that is at the top of the feudal system and outranks even a king. I therefore made my fantasy world an empire that consists of multiple kingdoms instead of just one.



When my pit bulls and I went to the dog park today, we encountered this two month old bull terrier puppy named Naia. She was so sweet, friendly, and feisty. She desperately wanted to play with my boys, but she could not touch the ground because she did not get her vaccinations yet. However, that did not stop my boys from sniffing and kissing her like she was their own puppy. I, myself, got to give her lots of love and she smothered me with kisses. I think Naia and my boys are going to have a beautiful friendship as she gets bigger and older. This was their first interaction and it went very well.