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Allow me to give you an overview on what inspired me to create the nine kingdoms of the Gradaian Empire. I based these various kingdoms on places that I studied and places I have visited. Umbran was based on Scotland because of my roots to Robert the Bruce so I thought this would be a good way to pay homage to my ancestors. Aemarr was based on Hawaii because it is one of my favorite vacation spots and I love the climate and culture so I wanted to pay homage to it. The Aemarran people were a fusion between vikings and Pacific Islanders, both of which I have blood ties to. Valai was based on Napa Valley because I enjoyed the culinary adventure I had there and I wanted to create a kingdom that was located in a valley just like Napa. Varland was based on Iceland because I was fascinated by Iceland’s climate, which consists of both ice and volcanoes, and I liked that it was one of the lands my viking ancestors claimed. Storuuk was based on Mammoth Mountain, which has dense forests and woodlands and I based the Storuukan people on Anglo-Saxons. Waes was based on England because it was the country I studied the most on medieval history. Raevor was based on France because it was the second country I studied the most on medieval history. Gaena I based on both Rome and California because Rome was the capital of an empire and California is my home state. In addition, Gaena and California both have extensive history with gold mines and the imperial capital of Chrysos is located in a geographically defensible bay like San Francisco. Finally, Darrm is based on feudal Japan because I am a huge fan of Japanese culture as well as anime, manga, and kaiju. Overall, this empire is based on the various places I have loved most throughout my life and this is my way of paying homage to them all.

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