I love action scenes especially if it involves medieval warfare. When writing Numen the Slayer, I thoroughly enjoyed depicting the Battle of Foxden, which was the main epic battle of the story. After watching and learning about so many medieval battles, I got a pretty good idea of what the Battle of Foxden would include. When two armies clash, it quickly descends into chaos. Blood and mud fly through the air as steel strikes steel. You are running through the battlefield dodging sword swings and stray arrows. Everyone becomes so covered in grime that you can no longer tell who is friend or foe. Some of your foes get killed in front of you, some you kill yourself, and a few accidentally kill their own comrades. Then the ground becomes so wet with mud and blood that it becomes too slippery to stand on. Writing all of these details allowed me to depict the Battle of Foxden as realistically as I could. I look forward to watching these writing skills grow as the years go by.

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