Ever since I was in middle school, I was aware that there were other ways a superhuman could wield fire. Normally, a superhuman could either manipulate fire like Pyro or generate fire like the Human Torch. However, there is one form of pyrokinesis that I find fascinating: psychic fire manipulation. The most famous wielder of psychic fire manipulation was Jean Grey from the X-Men. This form of fire manipulation does not use actual fire. Instead, it uses psychic energy that is so potent that it becomes visible in the form of flame-like energy. Unlike real fire, psychic fire does not actually burn its target. Like a really powerful telekinetic blast, psychic fire disintegrates its target atom by atom. In addition, because it is psychic in nature, the flames attack a living target’s mind to provide the sensation of being burned alive only it is more extreme since the mind is being torn asunder while the body is being ripped apart on an atomic level. While real fire only inflicts physical pain, psychic fire inflicts both physical and mental pain simultaneously. For my new superhero story, I am thinking of giving this power to one of my main characters.

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