I have always had a cynical and nihilistic view on humanity. I strongly believe that we are living on borrowed time as a species. We are the first species to have the power to prevent our own extinction and yet we squander that power on war, terrorism, pollution, and petty political grievances. Due to this, we also have the power to cause our own extinction with global warming and nuclear war. As a whole, we are far too short-sighted to tackle the problems that are dooming us in the long run. Some of us acknowledge these long term problems, but the rest are more concerned about their short term interests to take them seriously. The dinosaurs went extinct because of natural changes to the environment and an asteroid that crashed on Earth’s surface. When we go extinct, and we will, it will be all our fault. This concept of humanity living on borrowed time will be a prominent theme in my new superhero series. In one cataclysmic event, humanity almost destroys itself and prolonged their extinction by keeping their species on a form of life support for five thousand years. Will they be able to keep their species alive or will they join the dinosaurs in the ash heap of history?

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