While researching medieval warfare, I came to discover a vast arsenal of various weapons. Some of those weapons most people don’t know of. I even included these weapons in my fantasy series to make the battles more authentic by medieval standards. Here are some examples of the weapons I discovered. In case you read my fantasy series and don’t know what a weapon is, you can find it here. In the first volume of my spin-off fantasy series, there will be a grueling pitched battle that involves the use of many of the weapons pictured above. Due to one misfortune after another, this small army won’t have access to standard issue polearms and shields. Instead, they will have access to a diverse collection of polearms and shields. Rather than just using spears as polearms, this small army will use halberds, poleaxes, glaives, pikes, bills, and bardiches. Instead of using one kind of shield for the whole army, they will use a mixture between round, heater, and kite shields. Imagine a shield wall with all those kinds of shields locked together, bristling with all those different kinds of polearms. Now imagine a row of archers behind the wall of shields and polearms. Even though it would be a mismatched battle formation, I can envision it as a formidable foe for any army to face.

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