Remember when superheroes would change into their uniforms in phone booths before doing heroics? What if there was a faster way to change into your superhero uniform? As I write my new superhero series, I realized that since the story will take place five thousand years in the future, the suits the heroes will use would be fundamentally different than anything you can find today. In most superhero stories, super suits are made of materials ranging from kevlar, leather, or silk among countless others. Still, all of those materials are primitive compared to the possibilities of nanotechnology. When a superhero’s suit is made from nanotechnology, it can compensate for many of the weaknesses of other materials. For example, most suits are not able to repair themselves when they sustain damage and some do not provide enough protection or flexibility in combat. Because nanotechnology is highly malleable, it has ways to compensate for these shortcomings. Due to the fact that nanites are a mass of microscopic robots interlocked together, they can provide a form of shock absorption like a suit of armor. Unlike a suit of armor, which is a set of metal plates, a nanite suit has much more flexibility and mobility without sacrificing durability. When the mass is damaged, the nanites can just reform themselves as though they were never damaged. When not in use, you can house the nanites in a container that you could carry with you. When the need arises, you can open the container and the nanites will coat you in your suit in a moment’s notice. This saves a tremendous amount of time when changing into your uniform. I did something similar in my Young Guardians Series, but I intend to take it to a new level in my new superhero series.

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